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"Bestie really thought she was fooling us": Mikayla Nogueira false eyelashes TikTok drama explained

American make-up influencer Mikayla Nogueira was recently blasted online for allegedly using false eyelashes while promoting a new mascara.

On January 24, the influencer took to her TikTok handle to post a 44-second video reviewing L’Oreal's new Telescopic Lift mascara. The video starts with Nogueira stitching another creator's video, trying the mascara herself.


Following that, Nogueira tried the mascara on her make-up-free eye, before declaring it would be difficult for other brands to compete with it.

i’m so deep into mikayla nogueira lashgate bestie really thought she was fooling us,, i know ardell wispies when i see them miss girl

Turning the camera angle towards her lashes, she said:

“Look at the length. Do you see that? I am speechless.”

However, fans were quick to question if the post was paid because the video was not adding up. In fact, viewers pointed out what appeared to be extra lashes added on her top right eyelid.


Twitter reacts to Mikayla Nogueira's mascara video

Covering this today… question?

Do you think Mikayla nogueira used falsies? 🤔

After Mikayla Nogueira's video of reviewing L’Oreal's new Telescopic Lift mascara went viral, Twitterati was left furious. Several fans blasted the influencer for seemingly using fake lashes on her top eyelids to make the mascara brand she was promoting seem promising.

Others called her out for sabotaging her credibility by allegedly lying to her followers, which also made YouTuber Jeffree Star jump into the controversy and state that he would review the make-up products himself, to tell the truth.

Screenshot of a Twitter user criticizing Mikayla Nogueira's recent mascara review video (Image via Twitter/@JentreyDiane)
Screenshot of a Twitter user criticizing Mikayla Nogueira's recent mascara review video (Image via Twitter/@shartpostin)
This is what y’all get for giving mediocre white women a platform. I said what I said. #MikaylaNogueira
I ain’t even mad at @MikaylaNogueira for lying about the lashes. Don’t even care. I’m mad that she caused so much heat in the beauty community that it broke the ancient seal trapping @JeffreeStar and now he’s gonna summon a winter that’ll last 1000 years
am i crazy or are those not even ardelle wispies they’re cluster lashes #mikaylanogueira
mikayla nogueira lying about mascara seems small but at the end of the day it sabotages her credibility to her followers/viewers. what would push brands to want to collab with a creator that is not trusted? like this could undermine her career more than any past controversy lol
At the end of the day, Mikayla Nogueira should’ve been transparent about the mascara review, if she liked it, that’s fine, her lashes looked nice without the falsie, she should’ve just stated she put a falsie on.
i thought messy makeup influencers all died out last decade but Mikayla Nogueira is out here keeping the genre alive as if her life depends on it lmfaoooo
Jeffree Star is coming back probably because Mikayla Nogueira got caught lying during a review.....again. How many times is that broad going to get called out for lying and faking the funk before y'all let her and that over exaggerated accent go?
i think what’s so discouraging about mikayla lying about that mascara isn’t even about the mascara..it’s that at one point she was just like us, a consumer looking to these “beauty gurus” to give us the truth about these products.. #mikaylanogueira
I’ve been a Mikayla Nogueira hater for a long time and ya are just now catching up and I am living for it. Drag her!!!!!!!!! She’s a LIAR, an ACTRESS
If she denies using falsies on this ad I honestly…. @LOrealParisUSA you need to do better at vetting your spons. Mikayla Nogueira is very clearly wearing falsies in the recent ad she did for you. Look at the two sets of lashes at the tippy top. This is absolutely unacceptable

According to Rolling Stone, Mikayla Nogueira was bombarded with fake lash remarks in the comments section of the video, which she vehemently denied in now-deleted comments.


As of writing, the 24-year-old has not responded to the controversy or claims that she used fake lashes to promote a mascara brand.

In brief, about Mikayla

Mikayla is a popular make-up influencer who was featured in the Forbes Top Creators list in the 36th position.

According to her profile on the website, the 24-year-old has a following of over 13 million fans on TikTok. She is the fourth-most engaging influencer on the list and interacts with more than 13 percent of her followers with her content.

Her first collaboration was with Glamlite after she left her job in October 2020 to create make-up videos full-time. According to Forbes, she said:

"I was terrified. I didn't know if I could be successful doing this."

Since that first collaboration, Nogueira has gone on to create wo eyeshadow palettes with Glamlite.

In 2021, she earned $2.4 million from partnerships with CVS, Charlotte Tilbury, and L'Oreal.

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