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  • BTS' Jimin to appear on the radio program SBS Power FM: Choi Hwa-jung's Power Time
BTS' Jimin to appear on SBS Power FM: Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit)

BTS' Jimin to appear on the radio program SBS Power FM: Choi Hwa-jung's Power Time

Following the release of his first solo album release, FACE, BTS' Jimin has kicked off his promotional schedule for the same. His next guest appearance as a soloist will be on SBS Power FM's radio program, Choi Hwa-jung's Power Time.

The episode is slated for release on March 31, 2023, and will be broadcast live on the radio program's YouTube channel where fans can stream it in real time.

[NEWS] Jimin will appear on SBS Radio Show 'Choi Hwajung's Power Time’

On the 31st, Choi Fata announced that he would hold an open studio with Jimin.

This broadcast will be broadcast live, and will also provide live radio and YouTube live streaming.

Additionally, fifty people from the audience crowd will be chosen to watch Jimin's program in person. Since it's an appearance based on promotional purposes, BTS' Jimin is most likely expected to share a few stories and experiences of creating his debut album and its title track, Like Crazy.

Fans react to BTS' Jimin's upcoming appearance on SBS Power FM: Choi Hwa-jung's Power Time

As soon as fans heard the news of their idol making an appearance on the show, they were delighted and couldn't control their excitement. They were especially excited about Jimin being seated in an open studio beside the 50 chosen ARMYs. Fans can apply for open studio participation through the radio program's official website, details of which are posted on their Instagram.


They took to Twitter to express their happiness and excitement about the appearance and about the 50 members who'd get to attend the event. While some were sad that they wouldn't be able to attend the show, others said that they were happy to be getting as much Jimin content as they were getting.

@btschartsdailys Again 50 audiences and none of them is me and you
@PJM_vocal So happy that Jimin is doing a full scale album release promotion & bringing so much content & being closer to his fans. He knows we want to see more of his appearance. Need our interpreter friends to work hard to translate this live broadcast event. This will be a busy week! 🤗
@btschartsdailys We are getting so much jimin content and I’m loving it. Our schedules are packed, what’s next
@PJM_vocal another 50 armys are meeting jimin *sigh*
@stussyjimin we are so booked and busy it feels like a dream
@btschartsdailys march is packed with jimin and i’m so here for it

While BTS' Jimin has appeared on the show several times with fellow BTS members, this will be his first appearance as a K-pop soloist. Since the radio program usually goes on for nearly an hour, fans are curious to learn the many facts and stories that the idol will share about his new project.

Korean actress, radio, and television presenter Choi Hwa-jung runs her own program under SBS's Power FM, called Power Time. The show has been rolling out since 1996 and it typically works as a talk show where other K-drama actors and K-pop idols appear to talk about their recent projects, releases, comebacks, and debuts, among other things.


BTS' Jimin's recent promotional guest appearances: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, PIXID Interview, and more

With a busy schedule, events are piling up for ARMYs following Jimin's solo debut, and they seem to love it. Previously, BTS' Jimin appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, a reunion that fans loved to see.

BTS' Jimin not only shared the inspiration behind his debut album, FACE, but also touched upon other topics. He spoke about his favorite nicknames, his relationship with his fellow BTS members, and more. Jimin also rolled out the first live performance of his title song, Like Crazy, which left fans with a dropped jaw.

The idol also popped up on another variety show, PIXID, where K-pop idols and other celebrities are brought in to anonymously chat with other local citizens. This specific show focuses on all the members in the chat room trying to figure out who's the "old man" that's seated among them.

While fans saw several moments that they loved, they felt like they won when they saw an unexpected cross-group interaction between Jimin and Stray Kids' Felix. During the show, Jimin learned that one of the participants of the show was previously an ARMY but is now a STAY (Stray Kids' fandom). Following this , the idol jokingly sent a video message to Felix saying:

"Yongbok-nim, I'm not taking her from you. She left home so I'm just taking her back for a bit. Please be understanding."

Given that fans haven't seen Jimin actively participating in talk shows and variety programs, the recent abundance has greatly excited them. As Jimin continues to appear on more shows, fans can't wait to discover more about his solo career and just the idol's life in general.

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