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BTS' V announced new Layover merch featuring Yeontan (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)

BTS’ V’s solo album Layover merchandise pre-orders: All you need to know

On September 8, 2023, BTS’ V dropped his debut solo album, Layover, and is now preparing to release Layover merchandise via HYBE MERCH. For those unversed, BTS’ V became the seventh and final group member to release his solo album.

The album has five unique and diverse tracks and one instrumental song - Rainy Days, Blue, Love Me Again, Slow Dancing, For Us, and Slow Dancing (piano version). Layover has broken many records within a week of its release, and HYBE MERCH has decided to release some exclusive album merchandise for ARMYs.


The merchandise is divided into two themes - BTS’ V and Yeontan, his beloved pet dog. Notably, Layover is dedicated to Yeontan, V’s long-time companion. The 28-year-old BTS member has tried to include Yeontan in every aspect of the album - from the concept photos to promotions and now the official merchandise.

Layover’s official merchandise will be available on Weverse Shop from September 15 at 11 a.m. KST to September 21 at 6 p.m. KST.


BTS’ V’s Layover official merchandise includes oversized t-shirts, photocards, and pet-friendly items

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BTS’ V’s official Layover merchandise consists of many cool and exciting items, including Yeontan special merchandise for ARMYs.

The complete list of items includes:

  • Magnet Set (S & L)
  • Reversible Pouch
  • Disposable Camera
  • Tin Case Sticker Set
  • Coaster
  • Keyring Set
  • Caps
  • S/S T-Shirt (Layover)
  • Pet T-Shirt (Layover)
  • S/S T-Shirt (Checklist)
  • Pet T-Shirt (Checklist)
  • Oversized T-Shirt (Orange Tan)
  • Oversized T-Shirt (Gray Tan)
  • Photocards

The Magnet Set (Large) and Magnet Set (Small) cost $33.90 and $25.90, respectively, and come with candid concept photos featuring the Love Me Again hitmaker and Yeontan. It will also include handwritten notes by the 28-year-old idol.


The Reversible Pouch is priced at $39.90 and includes unseen black-and-white pictures of BTS’ V and Yeontan. Next up is the disposable camera that costs $44.90. A gold label will be attached to the cameras that certify it is official BTS merch from HYBE, and fans are requested to check for the gold label before purchase.

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BTS’ V’s fans can purchase the Tin Case Sticker Set priced at $21.90, personally signed by the Rainy Days singer. The Tin Case will include 12 stickers featuring V and Yeontan and can be attached to one’s laptop, book/diary, or Layover album.

Next, the CD-themed coaster costs $17.90 and has the word Layover written in bold font with its release date of 2023.09.08. The Keyring Set, priced at $39.90, consists of multiple keyring sets featuring the 28-year-old idol and Yeontan. Layover’s song titles and lyrics are written in V’s handwriting, allowing ARMYs the luxury of choice. It is available in four forms - blue, ivory, white, and Tan (Yeontan).

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BTS’ V will also launch two caps - Navy and Beige caps that cost $48.90. The caps have Layover and V printed on them in bold font. Next is the S/S white T-shirt (Layover) priced at $50.90 with the tracklist printed on the front. ARMYs can match this with the purple pet T-shirt (Layover) that costs $33.90 and is a perfect fit for one’s beloved pet.

A second version of the T-shirt (Checklist) contains a list of exciting activities one can do with their pet dog, like taking walks together and sleeping. The checklist t-shirt is also priced similarly at $50.90. A similar black checklist pet T-shirt is available for $33.90, a perfect fit for one’s dog.

The checklist includes exciting activities from a dog’s perspective, like watching TV and eating together.

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Finally, a third t-shirt type includes the Oversized T-shirt (Orange Tan) featuring a picture of Yeontan. It is priced at $54.90 and comes with a photocard of BTS’ V. Another t-shirt includes an Oversized T-shirt (Gray Tan) that features a black-and-white photo of Yeontan with a photocard of the Slow Dancing singer.

BTS’ V’s fans should check for the authentication and quality of the merchandise before buying and only buy from official retail stores and not counterfeit websites selling duplicate goods.


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