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Divorce Attorney Shin drops main poster featuring Cho Seung-woo in an intriguing new light

JTBC’s upcoming K-drama Divorce Attorney Shin recently released its main poster, which features internationally acclaimed star Cho Seung-woo, who will be leading the show as its titular male protagonist.

Divorce Attorney Shin, originally titled Sacred Divorce, is a K-drama adaptation of a well-known webtoon of the same name. The legal drama will relate the story of a skilled divorce attorney named Shin Sung-han (the alternate title for the K-drama is a pun on the Korean term "shinsunghan," which means sacred).


Shin Sung-han, who is extremely sensitive but works as an adept divorce lawyer, regularly represents clients whose behavior is bizarre beyond imagination. Still, he can find peace in the company of his two closest friends.

Playing the role of the titular protagonist is Sisyphus: The Myth actor Cho Seung-woo. Reply 1994 star Kim Sung-kyun will play the role of Jang Hyueng-geun, and veteran actor Jung Moon-sung will portray the character Jo Jung-sik, the two characters who are the best friends of Shin Sung-han.

Divorce Attorney Shin's recently-released poster gives a brief insight into its protagonist's choices


JTBC’s upcoming legal K-drama Divorce Attorney Shin has heightened anticipation with a symbolic new poster that makes viewers curious about the eccentric life story of attorney Shin Sung-han. The now-lawyer is a former artist who received his degree in music and proceeded to become a professor at a German university.

However, he was confronted with a distressing revelation one day, which compelled him to return to South Korea. There, he decided to train to become a lawyer in the hopes of one day uncovering the real story behind what took place. After a period of time, he came to the conclusion that he wants to pursue a profession in law and eventually become a family law attorney.

Cho Seung-woo is depicted on the newly published poster in a manner similar to that of a reputed magazine cover; the Korean actor is seated atop a mountain of books and other documents relevant to professional litigation.


The backstory of the character Shin Sung-han, who was a music professor in Germany in the past but is now a lawyer, is represented by a faint, ghostly outline of a piano in the backdrop of the poster.

The impression that one gets of Shin Sung-han, who maintains a comfortable posture and is dressed in a casual manner, is rather distinct from that of other lawyers. In addition to this, the text next to the poster reads:

"I am divorce attorney Shin Sung Han".

This piques the interest of viewers and raises several questions about his choices. Why did he leave music? Why did he choose law as an alternative career, and what made him become a divorce attorney in particular? To quench this curiosity, the upcoming show is being eagerly awaited by K-drama stans.


Divorce Attorney Shin will premiere on March 4.

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