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  • "Doesn't want to lose Elisa": Seeking Brother Husband fans don't think Mike wants his wife to date other men
Elisa and Mike have been married for four years (Image via TLC)

"Doesn't want to lose Elisa": Seeking Brother Husband fans don't think Mike wants his wife to date other men

Seeking Brother Husband premiered on TLC on Sunday, March 26, at 10 pm ET. The series introduced many female cast members who are either dating multiple partners and want to add another one to their family or want to find a second partner in agreement with their husbands/ boyfriends.

One of the couples was Elisa and Mike, who have been married for four years and now want to add another man to their dynamic.


Elisa cheated on Mike once when they were dating because she wanted to have an intense connection with someone else. Ultimately, she realized that she wanted to have multiple partners even after getting married. Mike had a difficult time understanding this but decided to continue their marriage, despite being reluctant to do so.

Elisa thanked Mike for understanding her. Mike confessed that he was feeling jealous and anxious, and was fearing the entire experience. He tried to establish some rules about Elisa dating other men and was open to meeting them if things got serious between them.

He admitted that it was going to be tough to see his wife physically with someone else. Seeking Brother Husband fans felt that Mike was reluctant to answer many questions because he did not want his wife to date other men. They felt that Mike was just doing it because he did not want to lose Elisa.

It seems like Mike is going along with it because he doesn't want to lose Elisa. #seekingbrotherhusband

Seeking Brother Husband fans think Elisa just wants to stay single

Elisa asked her husband if it was okay to bring another man in their house in his absence, which he denied, stating that he did not feel comfortable with it.

Seeking Brother Husband fans pointed out that the couple did not make a decision about having multiple partners "together" and it was Elisa's own decision to start dating other men.

No Elisa. You did not come to that conclusion TOGETHER. #seekingbrotherhusband
@rj1975 @TLC Mike's way of handling crucial conversations is mainly to agree with Elisa. At least this time, he did say he doesn't want her to invite other men over to their house and in their bed (FOR NOW, she said ). #SeekingBrotherHusband
Elisa WHAT?!? Lol she just wants to screw around without a label. No your husband does not want to meet the other guy. 🙄 Get a divorce. Your husband deserves better. #seekingbrotherhusband
Mike going along with Elisa trying to turn their house into a smash pad

Ok my friends, what did we all think? Clearly, Elisa and Matt are done! Let me know! #seekingbrotherhusband
Elisa wants to be single & she just needs to leave Mike #seekingbrotherhusband
Yeah Elisa, it was both of your ideas to get a dating profile so you can bang extra dudes when you are the one who cheated on your husband in the past. #SeekingBrotherHusband
@rj1975 @TLC I just tweeted that Mike isn't all in. He's clearly appeasing Elisa. #SeekingBrotherHusband
Elisa, girl, if you wanna be single. Be single. #seekingbrotherhusband

Mike's parents are not happy with Elisa's decision to date other men

Elisa told her parents that Mike's mother felt that she was forcing her decision on Mike, despite the fact that the latter was in support of their new lifestyle. She wanted to be transparent in front of them and talk to them privately but did not know how to bring up the topic.


Elisa's mother offered to do it for her by inviting Mike's parents to their home. Elisa hoped that they would be able to grasp the entire situation. Her own father warned her about dating other men in front of Mike, as he understood that marriage can be very difficult. Her mother said that it was weird for her to see Elisa date multiple partners, but she always lived life to the fullest.

Fresh episodes of Seeking Brother Husband will air on TLC every Sunday at 10 pm ET.


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