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Hasbro-owned Dungeons & Dragons franchisee launches the new Dungeons & Dragons Coffee Club (Image via Dungeons & Dragons Coffee)

Dungeons & Dragons Coffee Club: flavors, price, and all you need to know

Boasting a cult-like fan following, the popular Dungeon and Dragons games are offering four new premium coffee blends with the launch of the new Dungeons & Dragons Coffee Club. Fans can register for their four new quality coffee blends based on some of the game’s most iconic monsters. The four new blends include - Owlbear Blend, Beholder Brew, Dragonfire Roast, and Displacer Beast Decaf.

Whether it’s your Monday wake-up call, or a drink to freshen you up during long gaming sessions, the four new coffee blends are guaranteed to offer you the best Kaeth experience throughout the day. The new coffee blend is first debuting in the UK starting March 24 and will be coming to the Americas in the coming weeks. Once launched, fans can either purchase a monthly subscription or go with individual packs of the four new coffee blends.


The subscription costs around $36 per month for two weekly packs of ground coffee and can be ordered from the website https://dndcoffeeclub.com/.

The game-inspired coffee blends will be available for subscription and single packs (Image via Dungeons & Dragons Coffee)

The Hasbro Entertainment-owned company announced the launch of the new coffee blend through a press release, with Sally Carnota, Senior Director of UK Licensed Consumer Products at Hasbro, quoting:

“This has been such an exciting time to be a Dungeons & Dragon fan with new products coming alongside a major film. The iconic brand has had such a phenomenal surge in pop culture and social relevance these past few years, with a dedicated fan base who have shared an unrivaled passion for D&D for nearly 50 years.”

Briefing on the brand's goals regarding the new launch, Sally Carota added:

“We’re thrilled the Dungeons & Dragons Coffee Club will offer a new way for fans to experience the game’s characters, sense of community and maybe a fresh cup will help spark an adventurer’s imagination.”

Which blends is the Dungeons & Dragons Coffee Club offering?

Awaiting you on your Dungeons and Dragons adventures are great challenges complemented with even greater rewards. As such, the launch of the Dungeons & Dragons Coffee Club is no small reward for gamers and followers. First launched as a choice of whole bean or ground coffee, the coffee club is planning to offer several rewards such as discounts, freebies, merchandise, and other exciting opportunities with the franchise.

Starting on March 24, UK residents can register for the Dungeons & Dragons Coffee Club. Fans can choose between a monthly subscription and a single-pack purchase. A monthly subscription that comes with two packs of ground coffee every four weeks cost around $36 per month, and can be ordered from the website - https://dndcoffeeclub.com/. However, United States residents may have to wait a while before the new coffee blends are launched in the Americas.

the Dungeons and Dragons Coffee Club will first be available in the U.K., and will later be introduced to the Americas (Image via Dungeons & Dragons Coffee)

The four new Dungeons & Dragons Coffee blends that are debuting this week are:

Owlbear Blend

Owlbears are known to be ferocious forest predators with an unexpected sweetness, allowing them to be tamed by skilled adventurers. Similar to the monster, the nutty Colombian arabica originates from mountainous forests and features a mix of earthy notes with a fierce orange tang.


Beholder Brew

Dark and powerful Beholder Brew will leave you as energized as a true Beholder with ten eyes. It features a traditional Italian roast, created with South American arabica, to offer a smooth, chocolatey taste.

Dragonfire Roast

Toasty flavors like they were crafted from a Red dragon's breath of fire, the Dragonfire Roast offers a strong, single-origin Brazilian arabica roasted dark to offer a flavourful hint of bittersweet cocoa.

Displacer Beast Decaf

Want to enjoy the flavors of coffee without the caffeine jitters? Displacer Beast Decaf is your savior. While Displacer Beasts may not be as kind to adventurers, Displacer Beast Decaf coffee sure offers kindness in its bold chocolate flavors.


Fans can order all four new Dungeons & Dragons Coffee blends by registering at https://dndcoffeeclub.com/. The subscription packs will be available all across the country and will be delivered to customers via post.


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