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Duty After School (Image via TVING)

Duty After School: Release date, plot, cast, trailers, and everything to know about the upcoming drama

The highly anticipated sci-fi and action drama Duty After School adapted from the hit webtoon of the same name has created a stir among K-drama fans. Many individuals who have read the webtoon are speculating that the show will be the next hit of 2023. The trailer and posters of the upcoming title hint at it being an action-packed series.


Webtoon Duty After School was created and illustrated by the well-known artist Ha II-kwon. It was published in 2012-2013 with a total of 51 chapters that kept its readers hooked because of the engaging storyline.

Duty After School is set to premiere on March 31

The 10-episode sci-Fi and action drama Duty After School is slated to premiere its first three episodes on March 31. The show will air every Friday and will be available to stream on Viki.


Duty After School plot: Students are forced to join the armed forces to fight aliens

Sci-Fi drama Duty After School revolves around the lives of students who have to face an unexpected situation 50 days before their university entrance examinations. Set in Sungjin High School, teachers and students find themselves in the midst of the beginning of an alien invasion. As the attack from aliens overpowers human resources, the President of South Korea orders that third-year high schoolers, both male and female, should join the armed forces to fight the aliens.

As the military arrives at the high school to train the students, the teachers do their best to protect the kids from getting hurt. The students will pick up rifles, guns, and other military armaments to chase the aliens away from the planet and save mankind from vanishing in the drama Duty After School.


In the trailer released by Viki for the upcoming drama, the students in the school are informed that they will get points for their university entrance exams if they are able to conclude their military training and eradicate the aliens that have been roaming around the planet for almost a year now.

Students are then forced to train to tackle unidentified eggs that hatch violently on Earth as insect-like creatures are born and begin attacking humans in Duty After School. They must either gain points for their entrance exams by fighting the aliens or drop out.

The Duty After School trailer showcases the struggles they face as the soldiers on duty request the students to do only one thing, and that is to protect themselves.

Shin Hyun-soo, Lee Soon-won, and more to star in the drama

#DutyAfterSchool new still cuts 🪖

Episodes 1-3 will be released on March 31

The main cast of Duty After School includes Shin Hyun-soo, Lee Soon-won, Lim Se-mi, and Kim Ki-hae. The series will showcase how the lives of the main characters take a drastic turn when aliens begin to invade their homes and as they must choose violence to protect their loved ones.

Shin Hyun-soo as Lee Choon-ho

Shin Hyun-soo is set to take on the role of platoon leader Lee Choon-ho, who is assigned the responsibility of training high school students so that they can help fight the aliens. Even though Choon-ho appears stubborn and strict on the outside, deep down he cares a lot about the students and only wants to protect them.

Shin Hyun-soo is known for his roles in dramas including My Golden Life, Hello, My Twenties! 2, and Welcome to Waikiki.

Lee Soon-won as Kim Won-bin

Famous for his role in the drama series Island parts 1 and 2 as Lee Da-hee’s character’s manager, Lee Soon-won is known for his supporting roles. He has worked in shows including Class of Lies, Chief of Staff 1 and 2, Mr. Sunshine, and others.


He will play the role of Kim Won-bin, the sergeant of the military force that arrives alongside platoon leader Choon-ho to train the high school students to fight against the bizarre creatures.

Lim Se-mi as Park Eun-young

Lim Se-mi will take on the role of a compassionate and protective homeroom teacher Park Eun-young in the third-grade second class of Sungjin High School. She strives to protect her students from the creatures and the government that is willing to put the lives of children in danger to eradicate the aliens.

Lim Se-mi has appeared in a number of dramas including The Empire, True Beauty, Two Cops, and Shopaholic Louis. She will also soon be seen in the upcoming Disney+ drama The Worst of Evil.

Kim Ki-hae as Kim Chi-yeol

Please anticipate my upcoming drama as the future of students-turned-soldiers in #DutyAfterSchool #김기해

Young actor Kim Ki-hae is set to play the role of high schooler Kim Chi-yeol in Duty After School. He seems like a nerd who excels in his studies and fans are excited to see how he will protect the students from aliens.

Kim Ki-hae is best known for his role in the hit K-movie The Witch: Part 2. The Other One.


Many K-drama and webtoon fans are anticipating that Duty After School will be similar to other Weboon-based dramas like All of Us Are Dead and Sweet Home, which were hits.

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