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Featuring Sehun (Image via oohsehun Instagram and TVING)

EXO’ Sehun’s upcoming romance drama All That We Loved premiere date confirmed

On Thursday, March 30, TVING released the first teaser poster for the EXO’ Sehun’ s upcoming drama All That We Loved alongside announcing that the coming-of-age romantic drama will premiere on May 5, 2023.

The upcoming drama will reportedly take viewers on a journey of a high school first love when the world looks rosy and beautiful. It will delve into the lives of 18-year-old students who value love and friendship. The show promises to showcase the kind of love that will flutter everyone and radiate nostalgia.


EXO’ Sehun will be joined by Jang Yeo-bin and Jo Joon-young for the upcoming drama.

EXO’ Sehun is set to chronicle the role of second year high school student Go Yoo in the upcoming drama

The upcoming drama is supposed to bring in the concept of an unfamiliar subject of cellular memory, which hypothesizes that memory is transferred to organ transplant recipients through transferred part's cells, making viewers anticipate how the show is going to delve deeper into the said concept.

#SEHUN as Go Yoo wearing his School Uniform 🥹

Meanwhile, EXO’ Sehun is set to chronicle the role of second-year student Go Yoo at Hara High School. At the age of eighteen, he has accomplished many things and his only desire is to grow taller because he loves playing basketball.

At his school, Sehun's character is dubbed a genius in the sport who started playing it just to grow taller among his classmates.

Clean HD ver. of Oh Sehun x Jang Yeobin x Cho Junyoung’s photo strip for the upcoming TVING original series ‘우리가 사랑했던 모든 것 (All That We Loved)’ 📸

Though not great at studies, Go Yoo scores average marks without studying and is thus satisfied with his life. Many students at his school call him charming because of the traits he possesses. He has no time to date but makes sure nobody hurts his best friend Go Joon-hee (the character played by Jo Joon-young) from the school bullies.


After Go Joon-hee falls ill, Go Yoo decides to donate his kidney. As the show revolves around the unique concept of cellular memory, the latter will become rivals with his only friend Joon-hee for the school’s no. 1 student Han So-yeon, the character played by Jang Yeo-bin.

The show will thus focus on a love triangle where the two best friends fall for the same girl. Han So-yeon will reportedly be shown as a transfer student who has started attending Hara High School and soon became a top student because of her sincerity in studies and hardwork.

Noted that everyyoneee, Sehun's drama "All that we loved" will be aired in May 5th.. WHO'S EXCITED ?!! YESSS I AM

Fans are excited to watch EXO’ Sehun getting involved in a love triangle in the upcoming drama and hope the premiere date arrives soon. Meanwhile, the refreshing concept of drama ensures a promising start, according to many others. The show is helmed by director Kim Jin-sung and penned by screenwriter Kang Yoon.

The newly released teaser poster for the show radiates a nostalgic vibe where the trio Go Yoo, Go Joon-hee, and Han So-yeon are dressed up in their high school uniforms, posing for their poloroid photos. The photos are attached to an orange colored notebook and held by an unfamiliar hand as if reminiscing about the past.


More about EXO’ Sehun

A South Korean actor, singer, and a member of a famous K-pop group, Sehun is the youngest member of EXO. He is also a part of the subunit of the group, EXO-SC, from 2019. Under SM Entertainment, the idol is actively doing drama and participating in group activities when and wherever required.

Sehun has appeared in a number of dramas, including EXO Next Door and Dokgo Rewind, and played a supporting character in the melodrama Now, We Are Breaking Up alongside Song Hye-kyo. Fans are immensely excited to hear about his casting news as the idol will be playing a lead role after approximately four years in the upcoming series.

The upcoming eight-episode drama All That We Loved is slated to premiere on May 5, 2023.

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