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  • Fact Check: Did Donald Trump buy a gun? Viral gun store Glock picture explained
Donald Trump. (Photo via Getty Images)

Fact Check: Did Donald Trump buy a gun? Viral gun store Glock picture explained

A claim that former American president Donald Trump bought a gun at an armory in Summerville, South Carolina, has gone viral on the internet. On September 25, the 77-year-old personality, who is under felony indictment, was present at the Palmetto State Armory while expressing a desire to buy a gun.

Trump also posed with a special edition "Trump" gun that features his photo on the handle and the words "Trump 45" scribed on the chamber. As per the video, Donald said in excitement:

"I'm going to buy one. I want to buy one. Isn't glock a great gun?"
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While interacting, one of the sales staff said to the former president that the Trump gun was a top seller.

"They sell well. They like me."

However, Trump obtaining the handgun would have been a crime, since he is presently facing 91 felony charges across four distinct indictments. The picture of the former president was shared by his campaign's spokesperson Steven Cheung, who in a since-deleted X post, wrote:

“President Trump purchases a @GLOCKInc in South Carolina!”

Alongside Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene was also present at the armory, who has been speculated to be his next vice presidential pick.

No, Donald Trump did not buy a gun at South Carolina


On September 26, CNN National Correspondent Kristen Holmes clarified on her X handle that Donald Trump did not buy a gun at the Summerville, South Carolina. While responding to Stephen Gutowski's query regarding Trump buying a gun would be treated as a crime, Holmes said:

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In the past, Donald Trump has alluded to the fact that he is a concealed carry permit holder while underlining that he enjoys being "unpredictable."

After that, Trump held a gathering in Summerville, a neighborhood of Charleston. There, he talked about how important the election was and tried to stop people from booing Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). While speaking of Graham, Donald Trump said:

“I’ll tell you what, when I need help with the left, he’s great. He’s great, and he’s my friend, too … He helps me on the left, we need help sometimes. Republicans shouldn’t need help with the left, but he helps me.”
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Trump's stop at the armory comes after President Joe Biden opened an office to stop gun crime. Gun crime is also expected to play a big role in the 2024 election. Women from the suburbs, people of color, and younger voters who are worried about gun crime are Biden's main target supporters.

Donald Trump faces 91 criminal charges in all across the four cases. He has pled not guilty to all of the counts leveled against him. Trump will miss the second Republican primary debate in Simi Valley, California, on Wednesday, September 27 night in order to attend a rally with striking auto workers in Michigan, only one day after President Biden is due to join protestors on the picket line.

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