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  • "It's a true horror concept": 'Firebite' creators Warwick Thornton and Brendan Fletcher shed light on 'bleeders' (Exclusive)
A still from Firebite (Image via AMC)

"It's a true horror concept": 'Firebite' creators Warwick Thornton and Brendan Fletcher shed light on 'bleeders' (Exclusive)

AMC+'s brand new vampire fantasy series, Firebite, is an amalgamation of various genres, namely action, comedy, drama, and yes, horror. Perhaps the most terrifying aspect of the show comes from the concept of 'bleeders'.

If you're one of the unlucky men and women to be captured by the vampires that live in the town that Firebite is based in, in Southern Australia, you may become a bleeder. You do not die instantly. It's a fate that's in many ways worse than death.


'Firebite' creators Warwick Thornton and Brendan Fletcher explain what a bleeder is

Thornton's explanation of what a bleeder is will surely send chills down your spine:

"I think the best way to put what a 'bleeder' is, is that they're a fridge. They're a vessel where you store blood. Vampires are smart so if you take three people a year and you look after them, you can bleed them. You don't have to kill everything you drink," explains Warwick Thornton.

As barbaric as the practice may seem, the vampires of Firebite are practical:

"So, it's a smart way of working. You store people, they become a pantry, a cupboard where the food is kept. And you keep them alive. That's pretty much what a bleeder is," adds Thornton.
Do yourself a favour and watch Firebite if Indigenous vampire slayers is your kink, or even if it's not. Thornton is such a talent.
11:08 AM · Dec 21, 2021

The vampires of Firebite have been sent by Britain to eliminate the indigenous population of Australia. While horror is a central component of the show, it is essentially rooted in the evils of colonization.

"Absolutely. It's a true horror concept. You're gonna take members of the community, and you're going to hold them captive so you can feed on their blood whenever you want. In a funny way, we could speak to the history of the truths of this country and other countries around the world by making a vampire show that is total fiction," adds Brendan Fletcher.

Starring Rob Collins, Shantae Barnes-Cowan, and Yael Stone, the show is currently streaming on AMC+. If you've seen it already, share your thoughts in the comments.

Catch a new episode of Firebite every Thursday on AMC+.

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