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Supposed dead body of alien found in Bolivia (Image via Al Rojo Vivo/YouTube)

"From the quantum realm": Video of dead alien found in Bolivia goes viral

The United States has recently been dealing with supposed UFO sightings, so rumors of an alien finding its way to Earth don't seem very far-fetched. Meanwhile, recently, a video claiming that a dead alien was found in the small town of Huarina, La Paz, Bolivia, has gone viral across social media platforms.

The video is gaining a lot of traction online since the alleged spotting and locals have claimed that the being was found dead but its body disappeared later.


Reacting to the viral video, one netizen wrote online:

Netizen reacts to extraterrestrial life being found on Earth (Image via Al Rojo Vivo/YouTube)

Although not a lot of information about the village is available, Huarina is a very small town in Bolivia. As of 2001, the village had only 1,300 residents.

Talks of extraterrestrial life finding its way to the Bolivian town began in early March when citizens spotted a strange green light in the sky. Following this, they stated that they saw peculiar living beings scrambling through the village streets. They reportedly looked like goblins.

One citizen said:

“They were miniature beings like those little people who appear to children.”

Things took a turn when what appeared to be the body of a small outer space creature was found in a gutter. One person claimed- “the closer we got we saw that it was an alien.”

Authorities ask residents not to speak of the alleged alien visit


As the matter began becoming the subject of interest in the town and online, police officials asked citizens not to speak much about their experience with the supposed extraterrestrial life. It was also reported that the matter was being investigated by law enforcement.

Despite authorities pleading with people not to publicize the supposed ET encounter, many captured photos and began telling tales about the creature. In pictures going viral online, the supposed alien can be seen looking like a miniature version of the well-known Gray alien with oversized eyes.

The ET creature that was found in Bolivia (Image via Al Rojo Vivo/YouTube)

Juan Carlos Aliaga, a Bolivian ufologist, said that the creatures appeared to be “curled up, but with little bones.” He also revealed in an interview that he would investigate the ET encounter.

What happened to ET's body after being found dead remains uncertain. Some believe that it was retrieved by its fellow extraterrestrial companions. Others have theorized that the small creature was given a proper burial.


Despite many believing that ETs have finally made it to Earth, some speculate that the video going viral is fake and that there was no sightings of ET beings in reality.

As Bolivian citizens continue to speculate whether the alien was real, the UK is dealing with otherworldly matters of its own. According to The Guardian, the country must be prepared for UFO sightings in the sky.


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