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  • "Go Jenny": The Masked Singer fans impressed as judge Jenny McCarthy guesses Moose's identity correctly
Moose was unmasked after just one performance (Images via Fox)

"Go Jenny": The Masked Singer fans impressed as judge Jenny McCarthy guesses Moose's identity correctly

Episode 7 of The Masked Singer season 9 aired on Wednesday, March 29, at 8 pm ET. The episode featured three new competitors joining the popular singing competition with undisclosed identities: Scorpio, Doll, and Moose.

Scorpio and Doll were able to succeed in the first round and reach Battle Royale, while Moose was eliminated after his first performance. The singer performed on Huey Lewis and the News’ The Power of Love, given that the theme of the night was 1980s. Moose’s clues included:

  • Red varsity jacket
  • Drinking milk out of a beer mug
  • Eating lots of hot dogs and sausages
  • “Ended up the king of your favorite show”
  • A teddy bear
  • An acceptance speech saying “I haven’t had much use for any of those. I’ve got a few in the trunk of my car and the bottom of a suit coat.”

After he was eliminated, Judge Robin said that Moose could be Jon Lovitz. Ken guessed that Moose could be John Goodman while Nicole Scherzinger said that the singer was Ed O’Neill.

Judge Jenny McCarthy recognized the singer's Chicago accent and said that the singer is legendary 1980s actor George Wendt, who is popular for his role as Norm on the 1980s hit series, Cheers, which was correct.

The Masked Singer fans were impressed with judge Jenny McCarthy for guessing Moose's identity correctly when no one else did. Jenny's husband Donnie Wahlberg was a part of the audience for the episode.

Jenny has been right with the guesses 3 weeks in a row!!!! She is very good at this!!!! Go Jenny #TheMaskedSinger

The Masked Singer fans praise Moose's performance and Jenny's skill in identifying the performers

Moose, aka George Wendt, gave an electrifying performance of the song The Power of Love. He was sitting on a rotating platform with many background dancers and supporters. Judge Robin called his performance charming, but he was still eliminated.


The Masked Singer fans loved George Wendt's voice and his performance. They also praised Jenny for guessing Moose's identity correctly when even the fans could not.

Omg no way #MooseMask is George wendt from cheers omg I'm still shocked #TheMaskedSinger @MaskedSingerFOX
Jenny got it again... George Wendt!!! #TheMaskedSinger
Moose has to take it off first. Jenny was right. It was George Wendt, aka Norm from Cheers, where everyone knows your name. #TheMaskedSinger
@JennyMcCarthy Jenny! Good job hearing that Chicago accent for the #MooseMask #TheMaskedSinger Jenny knows Chicago!
George Wendit was The Moose Jenny was right Glee Fans just saw Norm on #TheMaskedSinger
and moose is george wendt!! man of the house was one my favorite movies growing up wow 🤩 #TheMaskedSinger
The Moose is making me teary eyed. 🥹🥹🥹 #TheMaskedSinger
@DonnieWahlberg loves the Moose and how could he not he is forever a classic 80s icon!!!! #TheMaskedSinger @JennyMcCarthy

The Masked Singer contestant George Wendt is a 6-time Emmy Award nominee

74-year-old Chicago-based actor and comedian George Wendt is a 1980s star. He was nominated six times for an Emmy award for his role as Norm on Cheers.


He also created his own sitcom, The George Wendt Show, in 1995, which stopped production after just a couple of episodes. Wendt has appeared in many films like Forever Young, Lakeboat, and Man of the House.

The picture of Santa Claus in his clues was because of his role as Santa in the movie Santa Buddies. The beer mug was from the time he drank fake beer on ESPN. The eating items were clues for when George went to Hot Doug's in Chicago.

In the Battle Royale round, Doll was able to defeat Scorpio, who turned out to be Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn. Tune into Fox next Wednesday, April 5, to see if Doll is able to save her title as the reigning queen on The Masked Singer.


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