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  • "He is a bully to his patients": Dr. Kenny Smiles controversy explored as negative Smile Again Dental Texas reviews surface 
Internet personality Dr Kenny Smiles gets blasted for allegedly bullying and s*xually harassing customers (Image via drkennysmiles/Instagram)

"He is a bully to his patients": Dr. Kenny Smiles controversy explored as negative Smile Again Dental Texas reviews surface 

Internet personality and dentist Dr. Kenny Smiles is facing netizens' wrath after allegedly s*xually harassing his clients. The influencer is famous for his “smile makeovers” on social media. However, past customers are now accusing him of criticizing their physique and sending inappropriate messages.

As per Distractify, TikTok creator @bigdoglefty was the first to put Dr Kenny Smiles, whose real name is Kenneth Wilstead, on blast. The TikToker revealed that internet personality Mama Tot was given the opportunity by the dentist to get some free dental work done. However, she declined the offer and asked him to extend the same proposition to one of her followers.


It seems like a Mama Tot fan agreed to the offer as Dr. Kenny Smiles proceeded to do work on the woman's teeth. After gaining massive traction online from the same, the influencer announced on social media that he would be doing a reality show where he would be giving free dental work to selected clients.

@bigdoglefty revealed that multiple then came forward to say that they received disrespectful messages from Wilstead. Internet users were left shocked by the same and posted negative reviews about Wilstead's clinic, Smile Again Dental, on Yelp.


One netizen wrote in a review:

Netizen criticizes the dentist on Yelp (Image via Yelp)

What did Dr. Kenny Smiles allegedly do?

TikTok creator @aroseslimes revealed to netizens that she had dropped a message to Wilstead, praising him about his content. However, things took a sour turn when Dr. Kenny Smiles said in a text response:

“The show is more than a sad story, and with your ummm SIZE, you don’t fit the bill.”

TikTok user @annelyelizzy also shared screenshots of her conversation with Dr. Smiles. The former emotionally shared her experience of suffering from oligodontia in the text messages and proceeded to get excited about the dentist seeing her auditions for the show. In a message, Wilstead stated that he had seen her video. He also added:

“Just wanted to have s*x with you. It’s fine.”

TikToker @taylynm also revealed that Dr. Kenny Smiles was not only asking women about their dental requirements but also personal information like women’s “size, shape, and stuff like that since the show is about more than just teeth.” The social media sensation reportedly also told the TikToker that “clothing is optional.”


Singer Jewel also took to the video-sharing platform to reveal that the dentist was calling certain women’s teeth “disgusting” while peppering in ableist slurs in between. She also shared a clip of him commenting about how a woman’s husband would have been looking at his wife only from neck down due to her supposedly ugly teeth.

In another video, he could be heard telling a woman that she would finally lose her virginity now that her teeth were fixed by him.

Dr. Kenny Smiles also openly shared his awkward conversations with patients on social media. In an August 17 Instagram video, the 43-year-old was seen speaking about his s*x life with a 90-year-old patient.


In an interview with NBC News, Lauren Spaulding revealed that the dentist had called her a “dipsh*t” in a text message. Following her interactions with the dentist she claimed that she fell into depression, lost her job, and was also struggling from suicidal ideation.

Speaking about her experience with the internet personality, she said the following:

“It just takes one harsh word to make someone go over the line. It could just take someone as vile as him pushing someone over the edge, you know?”

Dentist receives negative Yelp reviews following controversy

Dr Kenneth Wilstead’s dentistry clinic, Smile Again Dental, has received concerning reviews following the allegations against him appearing online. Many called him “creepy.” A few reviews read:

Netizen criticizes the dentist on Yelp (Image via Yelp)
Netizen criticizes the dentist on Yelp (Image via Yelp)
Netizen criticizes the dentist on Yelp (Image via Yelp)

Amidst him seemingly getting canceled online, Smiles said in a statement to NBC News that his “staff” help him handle his social media accounts. He also added:

“The character I play both online and in my office has been something I have used to break the tension of a stressful experience and unfortunately sometimes people who don’t have full context feel like I cross the line and it’s their right to have their own opinions I respect that.”

Meanwhile, the dentist is also facing a lawsuit by a woman who alleged that the former was making inappropriate comments towards her and also groped her. She also alleged that the influencer took photos of her cleavage in different angles.

Dr. Kenny Smiles maintains his innocence as legal action gets taken against him.


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