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  • Hello Tomorrow! star Dewshane Williams: "I feel like Herb aspires to be like Jack to some degree" (Exclusive)
Dewshane Williams in Hello Tomorrow! (Pictures from Apple's press site)

Hello Tomorrow! star Dewshane Williams: "I feel like Herb aspires to be like Jack to some degree" (Exclusive)

Jack Billings leads a bunch of traveling salesmen in Hello Tomorrow!, a popular new show from Apple TV+, which is a retrofuturistic treat for the senses.

One of Jack's loyal lieutenants is Herb Porter, played by Dewshane Williams, who embarks on quite a journey of his own throughout the series.


Speaking to SK POP in an exclusive interview, Williams revealed how the relationship between him and his Hello Tomorrow! co-host Billy Crudup mirrored the relationship between their characters on the show. In a series populated by snake-oil salesmen, his character treads along the straight and narrow. Why then, is he drawn to such flawed figures?

Read on to learn more in this SK POP exclusive.

Dewshane Williams feels that working with Billy Crudup on Hello Tomorrow! was "life imitating art"

It is quickly established that as charming as Jack Billings comes off as during the Hello Tomorrow! run, he is a charlatan and a fraud. Herb Porter is still ever the loyal soldier. Williams explains his character's outlook towards Billings:

"I feel like Herb aspires to be like Jack to some degree. He sees what the possibilities of this future could be like if he just got his act together and sold a couple of more timeshares. And so yeah, that's a huge reason as to why Herb Porter follows Jack in this loyal way. Because he aspires to have even a modicum of what he perceives is just brilliance."
The sweetest smiles hold the darkest secrets.

A new episode of #HelloTomorrow is streaming now on Apple TV+ apple.co/HelloTomorrow

As his co-host Haneefah Wood stated in another interview, the Hello Tomorrow! cast was in awe of lead actor Billy Crudup. According to Williams, how his character felt about Billings was how he felt about Crudup. He elaborated:

"It's amazing because it was like life imitating art at some times when I was playing Herb at some times. Because it was like I was speaking through me using Herb to speak to Jack but also, Dewshane was also speaking to Billy. I respect him so much. We're similar in certain instances as I've come to learn in how he approaches his craft."
Keeping secrets is a tricky business.

A new episode of #HelloTomorrow is streaming now on Apple TV+ apple.co/HelloTomorrow

He continued:

"It's just amazing when things work. When you're like working, when you're acting with other actors who're not only gifted but they handle themselves in a certain way. And they are generous in how they go about their work. Billy is extremely selfless and he had a lot on his table for the show. But he's like...wait till you guys see this!"
“My dad was a firm believer in aspiring to the best of your ability and even unimaginable realities.” - Billy Crudup reflects on how his salesman father inspired his performance as Jack Billings in #HelloTomorrow.

Episodes are streaming now on Apple TV+ apple.co/HelloTomorrow

Porter's wife Betty (Susan Heyward) is yet another imposing figure and the total opposite of Herb, given her manipulative ways. Why then is the Hello Tomorrow! couple so attracted to one another?

"I think one of the reasons why Herb Porter is attracted to his wife Betty is because of the same reason he's drawn to his mentor figure in Jack. He aspires to maybe have some of those qualities. Betty is very decisive, and she is very, very intelligent in a way that she maneuvers the way to get what she wants."
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Porter teased the rest of season 1 for Hello Tomorrow! fans:

"And as a salesman, this is something Herb has difficulty learning at the beginning. So, we try to see maybe as the season goes on, does he end up adapting some of those characteristics or not? And there's something also to be said about them being different to where he appreciates that he could learn from her leadership in certain instances."

Get lost in the power of storytelling with Hello Tomorrow! on Apple TV+. Find out how the story ends with the epic finale on April 7.

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