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Tiffany Boone and Louis Ozawa (Picture courtesy Amazon Prime Video)

How Adolf Hitler influences season 2 of Amazon Prime Video's Hunters (Exclusive)

Reviews have been pouring in ever since season 2 of Hunters dropped recently on Amazon Prime Video. Two critical players of the new season and the show are Roxy Jones, played by Tiffany Boone, and the brainwashed Joe Mizushima, played by Louis Ozawa.

The two stars of the show recently took a moment to chat with SK Pop and discuss Hunters in great depth. Not only did they speak about the jaw-dropping moment when their characters first met in this season (no spoilers, see it for yourself), but also the impact of Adolf Hitler in the series, especially on Ozawa's character.


Read on to learn more or watch the interview in its entirety below:


"It feels like an eternity": Louis Ozawa and Tiffany Boone on their first meeting in Hunters season 2

The massive cliffhanger at the end of season 1 saw Adolf Hitler being revealed as the big bad villain. Apparently, he was alive and well, and living in South America. In Hunters season 2, Louis Ozawa's character is his brainwashed soldier.


Speaking of the change in Joe, Ozawa stated the following:

"You pick up in season 2 and our sworn enemy has all of a sudden become almost like a father figure. He’s almost replaced Meyer and found the pitbull…I shouldn’t say pitbull, because I’m a pitbull owner and pitbulls are lovely…the German Shepherd he always wanted. The one that will bite anyone that’s not him. And he found that in Joe."
Amazon Prime Hunters S2 Exclusive: Actors @Tiffboone & @LouisOzawa on working with Al Pacino, their chemistry & more!

#Hunters #Huntersonprime

Roxy and Joe share a deep friendship in Hunters. So when their characters met for the first time in season 2 after a long time apart, it led to one of the most pivotal moments of the series. Speaking about the same, Boone said:

"Well, it was really intense because I actually had been sick. Really sick. And I had to stop shooting for a week in Prague. I was in my hotel room. Not Covid. And it was my first day back on set. And it was such…I don’t even know how to describe really that day. It’s such a weird thing."

She continued:

"In my head, I was like is this going to work? This moment. This brief moment you have to convey all of these things and tell this whole story. But, luckily enough, I love Louis and we’ve always worked well together. There’s just something. When we look into each other’s eyes, we can tap in and get it. It was a hard day of shooting. As sick as it is, it’s a beautiful reunion for them? I don’t know. There’s just something there."
@DavidWeil’s #HuntersTV S2 is some of the best television I’ve ever seen. There is certainly a lot at play this season but it all blends together in a great way. The flashbacks are also a nice element as it helps piece things together from S1. (1/4)

The intense moment was magnified by Boone's real-life illness. Ozawa remembers the fateful day:

"I remember too they would bring Tiffany out like real quick just to shoot her stuff. And they’d bring her right back to her hotel room because she still wasn’t a 100% at that moment. But like she said, in the moment that we just locked eyes, a flood of memories come back…both real life and also within our characters."

While the moment on Hunters feels like forever, it's over in a jiffy. But the emotional weight of the scene is what makes it so very special. According to Ozawa:

"The history that Joe and Roxy have. And it is a poetic moment. When we were shooting it, it felt unnaturally long. And then the director was saying trust me. I want it to be unnaturally long. It’s a huge moment. Let’s give it that weight. And the actual screen time is not that long but it feels like an eternity and it’s a great metaphor for Joe and Roxy’s relationship."

Catch the new season of Hunters on Amazon Prime Video. Check out another exclusive from the interview right here!

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