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Remy Ma said that she is 35 years old now during her latest birthday party (Image via Wilford Harewood/Getty Images)

How long was Remy Ma in prison? Real name, age, and all about the rapper explored

Earlier this week, well-known rapper Remy Ma celebrated her 43rd birthday and stated during the party that she is 35 because she never counts the years as she was in prison. Remy served six years in prison until 2014, although she was sentenced to eight years after being charged with assault in 2008.

Remy's birthday party was organized by her close friends at New Jersey-based Casa De Lobo with a Prohibition theme. She thanked everyone for coming to her birthday party and stated:

"I don't f*cking count the ones I was in prison and I don't count the ones during Covid."


Remy Ma has released one album and 11 singles so far

Remy Ma was born Reminisce Kioni Mackie on May 30, 1980, and is 43. She was initially a member of the hip-hop group Terror Squad. The group released two albums in 1999 and 2004, and they gained recognition for their singles, including Whatcha Gon' Do?, Tell Me What U Want, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Lean Back, and Take Me Home.


She released her debut album, There's Something About Remy: Based on a True Story, in February 2006. The album received positive reviews and reached the 33rd spot on the US Billboard 200.

She was known for her singles like Feels So Good, All the Way Up, Cookin, Shether, and others. She released a collaboration album titled Plata O Plomo in 2017, followed by a few mixtapes between 2005 and 2014.


Remy Ma was accused of intentional assault and was sentenced to eight years

Remy Ma surrendered herself to the New York City police department in July 2007 in connection with a shooting incident in Manhattan. According to the police department, Remy was outside the Pizza Bar with a few people, and a verbal dispute happened in the early morning hours.

The argument took a worse turn, and one of the individuals, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, was injured after being shot. Although surveillance footage did not reveal any argument scenes, Makeda identified Remy as the one who shot her.

On the other hand, Ma was charged with attempted murder, assault, and weapons possession, but she pleaded not guilty. However, she was then accused of witness tampering and assault, where she was charged with telling her male friends to attack the boyfriend of a witness. She was then charged with assault, illegal weapon possession, and attempted coercion in March 2008.


Makeda was charged with stealing $3 from Ma, and the latter was checking Makeda's purse after the shooting incident. Remy then left the spot, leaving Makeda injured inside a car, and Makeda had to undergo different surgeries.

Barnes-Joseph had already sued Remy Ma for damages, pain, and suffering, and she was at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women, serving her sentence of eight years. Remy served for six years before being freed in 2014, even though her release date was set for 2015.


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