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Tyler Goodson was recently shot and killed (Image via Associated Press)

How old was Tyler Goodson? Podcast personality shot and killed by Woodstock Police during a stand-off

Authorities said that Tyler Goodson, who was a part of the well-liked S-Town podcast series, passed away on Sunday, December 3, following a police standoff.

According to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Goodson, 32, of Woodstock, barricaded himself inside a house early on Sunday morning. He reportedly pointed a gun at police before being shot and killed.

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In a statement to WIAT, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said,

“A multitude of law enforcement officers from various agencies responded to the scene to assist. During the course of the incident, Goodson brandished a gun at officers. Goodson was shot and later pronounced deceased.”

The New York Times reported that officers arrived at a house in Woodstock, Alabama, on Sunday and allegedly found Goodson, as reported above.


Tyler Goodson was shot and killed in his 30s by the Woodstock Police

Tyler Goodson was just in his prime years when he died (Image via Associated Press)

After a police-involved shooting, Woodstock's mayor confirms Tyler Goodson's death, the star of the S-Town podcast. Additionally, according to Mayor Jeff Dodson, the police were called to Goodson's residence.

Goodson reportedly wrote, "Police about to shoot me down in my own yard," in a Sunday Facebook post, according to outlets like Patch.


The standoff started when the Woodstock Police officers responded to an initial "call for service" early on Sunday, according to a statement from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, which CBS News obtained.

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In a statement sent by email on Monday morning, December 4, Mayor Jeff Dodson stated that the Woodstock Police Woodstock Police were called to assist with a call on Georgia Loop Road via 911. For backup, other law enforcement agencies were also contacted. However, he withheld the details of the first 911 call.

The statement also claimed that this was when the officers came across Joseph Tyler Goodson, who was 32 years old.

According to the report from sources like PEOPLE, Tyler Goodson locked himself inside the house, and there was a standoff that followed. It also said that Goodson "brandished a gun at officers." After being shot, Goodson was declared dead.

Mayor Jeff Dodson claimed that they tried to lure Goodson out of the residence for three hours, but their efforts went into vain.

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As per the CBS News report, Dodson stated in a statement,

"I know that everyone wants answers and details, myself included. Tyler was well known and loved by myself, his family and this community. That love extends far beyond due to the S-Town podcast.”

As per PEOPLE, he further said,

"This is a devastating situation. We're still — all of us — still in shock about it. Tyler was a talented young man. I mean he had many talents, but depression is real. He wasn't just a character in a podcast. He was a son, father, [and] brother. It's going to be hard for the family.”

Additionally, the mayor urged everyone to show "compassion and respect" for the family members of Tyler Goodson. According to WIAT, Goodson is thought to have had five children at the time of his passing.


In a statement issued early Monday morning, ALEA stated that the Woodstock Police Department had requested that it begin an inquiry. However, more information about the incident was not made public.

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Moreover, the matter is currently under the jurisdiction of the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation. To receive more information, ABC 3340 News has gotten in touch with the organization.

On the other hand, after contacting the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, PEOPLE has yet to receive a response.


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