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  • "How about Sam sings?": How The Legend of Vox Machina star Sam Riegel brought 80s rock to Season 2 (Exclusive)
Sam Riegel as Scanlan Shorthalt (Images courtesy Amazon Prime Video)

"How about Sam sings?": How The Legend of Vox Machina star Sam Riegel brought 80s rock to Season 2 (Exclusive)

As colorful and entertaining as The Legend of Vox Machina cast is, one is immediately drawn towards the incredibly flawed Scanlan Shorthalt. The womanizing and cowardly bard may not come across as the bravest or strongest of the bunch, but even as his mistakes keep piling up, fans find it impossible not to root for him.

We spoke to Sam Riegel about an incredibly dramatic moment in season 2 of The Legend of Vox Machina which gets resolved with, of all things, an 80s rock ballad! Also, as flawed as his character is, Shorthalt makes amends this season. To a degree. Does that mean there is hope for him yet?


Watch the entire interview in video form below, or if you would so prefer, scroll down for the transcript.

The Legend of Vox Machina battles multiple dragons in season 2 and Sam Riegel feels it's an "uphill battle"

Hey, the group could barely defeat the dragon Brimscythe in The Legend of Vox Machina season 1. How will they defeat multiple dragons in the second season?


Riegel jokes:

"It's an impossible wall to climb. We’ll never do it."

Elaborating on the same, Riegel highlighted the gargantuan task that this band of misfit heroes faces in season 2:

"It’s an uphill battle for the heroes of Vox Machina. There’s four more dragons in the Chroma Conclave. And they are mad. And they all have different powers. And right from the get-go, they are pretty destructive. So, I don’t know how it will all end. We haven’t finished it yet, so."
The Legend of Vox Machina S2 Exclusive: Interview with Marisha Ray (@Marisha_Ray), Liam O’Brien (@VoiceOfOBrien), & Sam Riegel (@samriegel)
#TheLegendofVoxMachina #TheLegendofVoxMachinaS2

Do not let this answer give you the impression that The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 is sans its share of laughter and lighthearted moments.

In fact, there is a dramatic moment that is resolved with an 80s rock ballad. Riegel spoke about channeling his 80s Poison and Motley Crue to SK POP:

"When do you really get to do that in adult animation these days? I was happy that we got to do that part of the episode. That was actually kind of a hard episode to crack and the solution was 'Hey, how about Sam sings?' So, that’s always a great solution in my book."
The Legend of Vox Machina S2 Exclusive: Interview with Ashley Johnson, Travis Willingham (@WillingBlam),
Matthew Mercer (@matthewmercer) & Taliesin Jaffe (@executivegoth)
#TheLegendofVoxMachina #TheLegendofVoxMachinaS2

For every situation that Scanlan gets our heroes out of, there's another that he unfortunately drags them into. Riegel spoke about his character's redemption arc:

"I think that’s the goal for sure. When we meet Scanlan in Season 1, he’s definitely sort of a broken person. He might not know it yet. And I think Season 2 is about him coming to the realization that he could be better, he could do better, or at least try."

Having said that, is The Legend of Vox Machina season 2 when Scanlan decides to be a better person? Riegel thinks not:

"I don’t know if he’s going to get there in Season 2 but there are more seasons ahead. So, maybe he’ll get there eventually. At least he knows there’s a problem he needs to fix now."

The Legend of Vox Machina returns to Amazon Prime video this Friday, January 20, for a second and even bigger outing than the battle with the Briarwoods!

Stay tuned to SK POP for more coverage of the show.

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