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HYBE issues stern warning to fans HD recording BTS’ offline concert

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With two days remaining of BTS’ Permission to Dance On Stage - LA offline concert, HYBE has issued a statement to fans sneaking DSLRs and other professional cameras into the venue. As per the official rules and regulations of the SoFi Stadium, carrying professional recording devices is prohibited, among many other things.

After the company discovered illegal filming at the concert, they issued a warning for the illegal activities. Continuation of such would then result in asking the fan to delete the footage and even leave the concert halfway through.


HYBE posts statement against illegal filming of BTS’ PTD offline concert in LA

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12:45 PM · Nov 29, 2021

In the wee hours of December 1 USA time, HYBE uploaded a statement warning fans about the implications of them illegally recording BTS’ offline concert at the SoFi Stadium. The company may have gotten a whiff of the horrific incident some ARMYs had to go through as fansites snuck in at the concert.

Recording HD content of the BTS concert is a strict no-no and a violation of BigHit Music’s rights. Even though the rules have been a part of all concerts for years, the recent disturbance might have caused HYBE to take stern action.


Read the entire English statement by HYBE below:

HYBE usually records all the concerts in HD and 4K clarity, putting it up as official merchandise, along with photocards and other things. However, ARMYs are going against the company and commenting that they could have avoided it if they offered to stream for all four days of the concert. HYBE only opened streaming tickets for Day 4 of the concert, i.e. December 2, 2021.

On Day 2 of the concert, November 29, a couple of fansites landed in trouble with ARMYs. The fan noted her entire experience of being physically assaulted by them, as they paid no heed to their surroundings and kept bumping their camera lenses into fans’ heads.

BTS fancam PTD concert offline

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1:06 AM · Nov 29, 2021

Meanwhile, the remaining two days of BTS’ concerts are December 1 and 2, 2021. Fans also faced a terrifying incident of SoFi Stadium’s security foregoing all security checks because of time management issues. They hoped security would be better equipped to handle the masses over the next couple of days.

After their offline concerts, BTS will head to iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball stage on December 4. The group will then fly back to South Korea and perform at the 2021 MAMA on December 11.

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