Fans get emotional reading TXT Soobin's handwritten letter to BTS' RM (Images via Instagram/rkive)

“I am going to cry rn”: Fans react to BTS’ RM sharing adorable letter written by TXT’s Soobin

On January 27, the day of TXT's come back, BTS’ RM posted an Instagram story with the signed album and a letter he received from Soobin. TOMORROW X TOGETHER was the first boy group that debuted after BTS under BIGHIT MUSIC and hence, the two groups share an incomprehensible bond.

RM, aka Kim Nam-joon, posted multiple stories on his Instagram. It included a photo of The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION’s album cover signed by all five TXT members addressed to “Namjoon-ie hyung,” a picture of the letter Soobin wrote for him, and a Spotify link to the album’s title track, Sugar Rush Ride.

“to namjoonie hyung” “way to go my soobin” 🥹
namjoon & txt love & respect each other so much the relationship joonie has w them, especially w his fellow leader soobin, is absolutely beautiful. i am going to cry rn. soobin is so lucky to have namjoon to guide him :””)

The letter especially caught both ARMY and MOA fandoms’ eyes as they gushed over Soobin’s adorable message to BTS’ RM. It is well-known that Soobin looks up to RM the most since they both play the role of leaders for their respective groups.

TXT Soobin says he’ll try hard to be like BTS’ RM in a humble letter written at the back of the group’s comeback album

soobin sent namjoon txt's new album and wrote a letter on it 🥺 namjoon's caption is so precious "fighting our soobinie !!"

TXT’s leader Soobin has often talked about his role model, BTS’ RM, and the many ways in which he wishes to be like him. The TXT leader turned 22 last month and has the responsibility of being the captain of a team that is the Butter group’s direct juniors. The singer gave BTS a signed album with a handwritten letter that made both RM and fans emotional.

On January 27, BTS’ RM posted an Instagram story cheering for his juniors, TXT. He wrote “Our Soobin-ie, hwaiting” on a picture of Soobin’s letter to him. In the letter, the TXT leader requested the Indigo rapper to listen to The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION and give them his honest feedback.

He also mentioned his favorite songs from RM’s solo album and added that he did not call him so as not to disturb him in a cute tone.

[230127] bts rm instagram story

fighting to our soobin!!

please listen to the album and give me your review hahah
i didn’t call you about this because i thought you’d be busy with lots of other calls but (cute tone) my favorite songs are ‘no.2’ & ‘wildflower’


Additionally, Soobin also wrote that he would become more successful and hopefully spend more time with RM at his house again. In the end, he mentioned that he will “work really hard” to become like him as a human being, even if he wouldn’t be able to do so as an artist.

after (we spoke), i just clenched my teeth and worked really hard
i’ll succeed more and cool-ly come to your house again, hyung…
let’s talk for an even longer time then hehe

@TXT_members @TXT_bighit
even if it’s not as an artist, i’ll work really hard to be a person like you, hyung. please watch over our team!
thank you

@TXT_members @TXT_bighit

The letter brought together the ARMY and MOA fandom as they couldn’t stop themselves from complimenting the TXT leader for his humble words. They began calling the two “best leaders” for supporting each other. Take a look at how fans reacted below:

@translatingTXT @TXT_members @TXT_bighit this is making me cry soobin is so precious 🥲
In the letter, Soobin said, "let's meet at your place once again after getting cooler and successful. Let's share a lot more conversations".

Last month,
Soobin in his birthday weverse live said,he contacted RM nd went to his house. He’s such a cool nd warm person. +…
NAMJOON GOT THEIR ALBUM and there's a very long handwritten letter with it most possibly by soobin since namjoon wrote "our soobinie good luck"
soobin saying “I’m trying to become a person like you” to namjoon is so…
you can really tell how much namjoon means to soobin. to look up to him and want to be like him not just in an idol sense. it says so much about namjoon as a person but also soobin…
“to: namjoonie hyung”
“to visit hyung’s house again more successful and cool”
“[doesn’t matter if i don’t become an artist like you] but to become a human like you…”
“please watch over our team”
“our soobinie hwaiting”
soobin leaving a whole novel about how he’s indigo stan #1 to namjoon in the temptation album is so Real

Meanwhile, TXT achieved their best pre-order record by crossing 2.16 million sales for The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION. As soon as the title track music video for Sugar Rush Ride was released, all five members began trending on Twitter as they showcased a mature image, away from the usually seen boyish charms.

The Sugar Rush Ride music video, which was released 11 hours ago, already sits at 10 million views on YouTube.

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