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“I’m the closest to JIMIN”: Taeyang shared how he felt while working with Jimin in a recent interview

On January 16, 2023, 1thk Originals dropped an interview with BIGBANG’s Taeyang on their YouTube channel, where the singer shared how he felt about working with BTS’ Jimin for their song VIBE.

Taeyang and BTS’ Jimin’s new collaborative track, VIBE, was released on January 1, worldwide on Sporify, and garnered more than 4.5 million streams on the first day itself. Since then, the song has been dominating several charts and making records. Fans praised the duo for their mesmerizing vocals, choreography, and the lyrics of the music video.


In a recent interview with 1thk Originals, the BIGBANG member shared many things, including how he felt about working with Jimin and how he interacted and got to know the BTS member. He also told that he’s been friends with RM and J-hope. However, he’s closest to Jimin:

“I’d say I’m the CLOSEST to JIMIN”
taeyang: "i'd say i'm the CLOSEST to JIMIN"

“He’s like a baby! So cute. I love it”: Taeyang gushes on seeing Jimin dancing to BIGBANG’s song


In the interview, Taeyang confessed that he was close to members of BTS, including RM, J-hope, and Jimin. He said that he had met them on other occasions which deepened their friendship. The singer even recalled seeing an article about how Jimin and J-hope once mentioned that they sincerely love and respect BIGBANG’s Taeygang and wish to be like him.

Taeyang responded that while BIGBANG was active as a group, they did not have much interaction with BTS. The singer mentioned that he was recently invited to J-hope’s solo listening party and met RM frequently at several exhibitions and art fairs. Subsequently, he became friends with them.

He said they are great people, and he has to learn a lot from them. However, as he started his music career earlier than them, he gave some advice to them as well. Upon asking whether he had gotten close to them, the idol replied that he was the closest to the Filter singer.

Taeyang fondly called him "Jimine" instead of Jimin, as that’s how people who are close to each other in South Korea talk about their close friends and family.

Taeyang reacting to Jimin dancing Bigbang song:

He looks really young here. He's like a baby! so cute. I love it.

Moreover, after seeing the video of a younger Jimin dancing to BIGBANG's song, Taeyang responded that he’s so young and loves the way he’s grooving and looks adorable. He further mentioned that he previously heard from many sources that Jimin liked him from the very beginning and used to sing his songs. However, this was his first time watching him dance to one of his my songs.

“He’s like a baby! So cute. I love it”:

The idol also mentioned how it felt to work with the members of BTS and what he learned from them. Apart from that, Taeyang mentioned that he was thankful to compose and produce music with him. He felt something new when he collaborated with Jimin since it made him feel several, many things.

Taeyang about Jimin

"He told he dreamed of becoming a singer. Listening to it impressed me [...] I'm thankful I was able to make music with him. It made me feel many things. I saw him working hard and with passion"


Taeyang mentioned that Jimin worked hard and with passion. He learned a lot of new things from the BTS member and also mentioned that the choreography of the music video was something everyone can look forward to. Jimin also mentioned that he had been a fan of the BIGBANG member since middle school.

The idol also mentioned in the interview how he was touched when the BTS singer listened to BIGBANG’s ALIVE album when he was in middle school, and how its tracks motivated Jimin to become a singer like him. Additionally, the BIGBANG member was grateful when the idol told him he could play his Wedding Dress song on the piano as the song isn’t much famous outside his fanbase.

Fans reacted to Taeyang’s interview as they noted how he felt happy working with Jimin

As soon as the interview went viral among the fans, they were ecstatic to find out that both the idols were elated about working with each other. Moreover, they were overjoyed that Jimin finally got to work and collab with his role mode. Fans also appreciated the kind of person the idol is and how he deserves nothing but respect.

On the other hand, the BIGBANG member's fans were elated to see the interview of their favorite idol.

@PJM_data And look at this man so happy that he worked with Jimin let’s make them more happier by stressing and buying their song 🥰🥰
Finally got the time to see Taeyang full interview with 1theK and it was amazing, I really enjoyed every moment of it, he was much more open in it thank you for that #TAEYANG #BIGBANG
Ok can we all just take a second to acknowledge how good Taeyang looks in that interview?
I can't believe we get a 20 mins+ interview of Taeyang. It's been sooooooooooooo long! I can't stop smiling watching the whole interview
why i love jimin reason no 0284292910571919 -

While working together i saw him working hard and with passion - taeyang about jimin
@jmnpromise @BTS_twt @Realtaeyang Of course jimin had to tell taeyang about this

I knew he was too shy to use VIP in his interviews because of the long time gap. Now it’s confirmed!

We love you too, #TAEYANG!

#TAEYANGVIBE @Realtaeyang

Taeyang recently attended the BTS’ member Suga’s show Suchwita, where the two had a candid conversation with each other.

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