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“I’m so proud”: The Amazing Race season 34 fans ecstatic as Derek and Claire bag the $1 million 

The Amazing Race season 34 has officially come to an end as the hit reality TV competition series aired its finale on Wednesday night, December 7, at 9 pm ET/ 8 pm CT, only on CBS.

Titled The Only Leg That Matters, there were only three teams that remained in the final leg and had one last chance to beat the others and reach the pit stop first.


The three teams had to travel 3000 miles to Nashville for the final showdown of The Amazing Race season 34. They had to play a giant floor piano and deliver Gibson guitars to complete the leg.

It’s finally here! The season 34 finale of the #AmazingRace starts NOW!

The three finalists in The Amazing Race season 34 were Big Brother couple Derek-Claire, long-lost sisters Emily-Molly, and married couple Luis-Michelle.

Since it was the grand finale, there were no advantages during this leg of the race and all teams started at the same time. But ultimately after beating all odds and completing the tasks ahead of other teams, Big Brother fame couple Derek-Claire reached the pit stop first and bagged the $1 million cash prize.

As a Big Brother fan I’m so proud, congratulations Derek and Claire!! 🥹 #AmazingRace

Ecstatic fans congratulate Derek and Claire as they win The Amazing Race season 34

Upon witnessing Derek and Claire win season 34 of The Amazing Race, fans took to social media to share their opinions. Many were ecstatic for their favorite team to win and claimed that they were rooting for them.

Taking to Twitter, fans congratulated the Big Brother couple on their win. Check out some of these tweets below:

Congratulations to Derek and Claire for a well deserved win on season 34 of #AmazingRace! They were a very strong team and a great couple to watch!
Congratulations Derek & Claire on winning the #AmazingRace !!!!
Derek X and Claire winning the Amazing Race is what I needed 🥹 So happy for them 🫶 #AmazingRace #TAR #TheAmazingRaceFinale
Derek & Claire winning 🥇 #AmazingRace excellent..congrats I love when BB peeps I like win anything! 🤩🥳🥂
Congrats Claire and Derek! So happy for y’all!!

Yes Derek and Claire
I’m am so happy for them #AmazingRace #TheAmazingRace
@AmazingRaceCBS Yes!! My pick for the win!! Congratulations Derek & Claire!! #AmazingRace
YEA!!! My favorites! What a great season! A great bunch of players this season! Love DEREK & CLAIR! Love BIG BROTHER! #bigbrother #AmazingRace…
What a season, we can’t believe it’s over!🤯 Thank you for traveling the world with us and can’t wait to do it again soon. #AmazingRace
i’m so happy for derek and claire!!!! and when taylor and joseph follow in their footsteps and win next season >>>> nothing better than seeing big brother houseguests thriving post-show #AmazingRace

Here's a brief recap on what happened this week on The Amazing Race season 34 grand finale

The first task of the final leg began in Lynchburg, Tennessee, inside a Jack Daniel’s Distillery. The teams had to correctly label and pack thirty bottles of Tennessee Whiskey. Once they completed the task, the three teams received their clue to the next task.

Emily and Molly completed the task first, followed by Derek and Claire. The next clue led them to the Korean Veterans Memorial Bridge. Derek and Claire reached the clue box ahead of the other two teams and received the clue for their Roadblock.

What a season, we can’t believe it’s over!🤯 Thank you for traveling the world with us and can’t wait to do it again soon. #AmazingRace

A member from each team had to rapple and climb a bridge in order to receive a clue from a guitar pick. Derek completed the climb first and the couple then headed over for their next clue. They arrived at the Gibson Garage where former Amazing Race teammates Caroline and Jennifer handed the clue over to them.

The teams had to deliver guitars in order to get their next clue. They had to deliver it to three musicians performing in different locations in downtown Broadway. Sisters Molly and Emily got lost. However, Derek and Claire completed their deliveries and headed over for their last task.


For their final task, the teams had to play a giant floor piano with their feet. The teams had to play the right notes in under 11 seconds. While all three teams tried their best to complete it first, Derek and Claire once again succeeded and had to make their way to the finish line, which was The Rhyman.

Ultimately, Derek and Claire reached the pit stop first and bagged the trophy and grand cash prize. They revealed that money is the first step towards their future together and shared that they plan on moving-in together.

The Amazing Race airs only on CBS. No information about season 35 has been revealed as of yet. Stay tuned for more information.


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