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Ahn Eun-jin makes an unexpected revelation (Images via Twitter/AEJ_world and DemovieSite)

“I was not in a place to film”: Actress Ahn Eun-jin reveals suffering from health-related hardships while filming for the drama My Dearest

Actress Ahn Eun-jin, celebrated for her role in the immensely popular recent K-drama The Good Bad Mother, has once again captured audiences' attention with her performance in the hit drama, My Dearest. Despite her successful portrayal of Yoo Gil-chae in the series, Ahn Eun-jin candidly shared the challenges she faced regarding her health during the filming of My Dearest.

The actress disclosed that her health struggles persisted from her previous drama, The Good Bad Mother, which went unnoticed at the time. These revelations came to light during her appearance on the TVN talk show YouQuiz, hosted by Yoo Jae-suk and Jo Se-ho.

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Ahn Eun-jin opened up about the difficulties she encountered, and at one point, she expressed:

"I was not in a place to film."

The historical drama features Ahn Eun-jin alongside Min Nam-koong.


Actress Ahn Eun-jin opens up on unforeseen face paralysis due to mental pressure

My Dearest tells the tale of Gil Chae, portrayed by Ahn Eun-jin, a daughter of a noble family who, despite being married, harbors hopes of finding true love. In parallel, Min Nam-koong essays the role of Lee Jang-hyun, a nobleman. The narrative delves into their journey of falling in love against the backdrop of turbulent times, set in the 1600s during the Qing invasion.

Ahn Eun-jin, already acknowledged for her acting prowess in her country, gained international recognition alongside K-actor Lee Do-hyun in the drama, The Good Bad Mother. However, lesser-known is the physical toll she endured after the drama and before embarking on her new venture, My Dearest.

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Expressing gratitude for her involvement in My Dearest, Ahn Eun-jin highlighted the financial support the drama provided. Despite the positive aspects of the experience, such as the ease of engaging in daily chores post-shoot, negative elements cast shadows on her role.

Facing criticism for being miscast and unfit for her role, Eun-jin revealed the unseen challenges she confronted even before commencing the drama. After concluding the shooting of The Good Bad Mother, she fell seriously ill. Although the filming for My Dearest was scheduled immediately afterward, her compromised health necessitated a month-long break for recovery.

“Before My Dearest, I was in The Good Bad Mother. Towards the end of filming that K-Drama, I was very sick. So after filming The Good Bad Mother, I was supposed to film My Dearest but my body was not healthy, so I took a month off."
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Ahn Eun-jin admitted to questioning her capabilities and, at one point, contemplated running away from the challenges. The physical toll extended to mental health problems, culminating in a shocking revelation that her face had become paralyzed for some time due to the mounting pressure.

“Something felt strange.. I just thought, ‘It must be swelling.’ While filming, I went to the hospital, but it wasn’t something that could get better right away. Even if I walked for just 10 minutes to go for a walk, my knees swelled so much that I couldn’t bend them.”

Amidst the physical and mental challenges, she faced considerable swelling, making even simple tasks challenging. Despite these adversities, her commendable effort to continue filming showcased her resilience.

The release of the drama garnered positive reviews globally, proving her detractors wrong and affirming her dedication despite the adversities she faced.

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