A still of the K-pop star Suga with members of the Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry. (Images via Instagram/@agustd)

K-pop X NBA : Fans react to BTS' Suga's sweet exchanges with the Golden State Warriors 

BTS' Suga was the latest celebrity fan inducted into the Golden State Warriors unofficial fan club. Interestingly, Suga means Shooting Guard, which was his basketball position back in high school - and this goes on to show his intense love for the game.

He has also shown his love for teams like LA Lakers, LA Clippers, and Portland Trail Blazers in the past.

“It’s the NBA season. This is what I live for these days”- Min Yoongi with his gummy smile

When he was invited by the NBA team Golden State Warriors to witness a game against Washington Wizards in Japan, the idol made sure to attend, and it was a moment ARMYs would remember for ages.

BTS' Suga also had the most memorable interaction with Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry, who declared that he and his family were huge BTS fans. Curry stated:

"It’s very nice to meet you. I’m a big fan, all of my kids and everybody in the family. It’s great to meet you."

He also clicked a selfie which fans absolutely adored.


The interaction did not stop there. Stephen Curry also gifted Suga his autographed jersey and received an autographed album of BTS' 2022 album, Proof.

Suga also recorded a video of himself for Stephen's kids, who were huge fans of the K-pop group as well.


Stephen Curry also gifted Suga with his game shoes or 'kicks' the following day when he invited the K-Pop idol for the game courtside.

Stephen Curry wore the shoes during the game, and they can go for over $20K at an auction. Additionally, the shoes that the Warrior gifted Suga are an unreleased pair from his upcoming highly-anticipated collection.

Suga shows off @stephencurry30’s game kicks from tonight’s action in Tokyo! #NBAJapanGames #NBAKicks

Suga also met NBA player Jordan Poole who got recommended for a dance battle with Suga by Stephen Curry. The NBA star couldn't help but get embarrassed at the exchange. Jordan Poole later revealed that he, too, received an "amazing present" from Suga. He excitedly told the cameras about it.

"Got an amazing present from Suga. Gotta put that out there"
Jordan Poole of @warriors was showing off PROOF CD and his gift from yoongi at the presser after the game

The NBA team Golden State Warriors also uploaded a photo of Suga on their Twitter account holding a basketball team jersey with the number three written on it.

Stephen Curry also shared the post and commented on it.

Fans share hilarious memes of BTS' Suga's meet-up with the Golden State Warriors

While at the game, Suga also met other players on the team, such as Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala, and Klay Thompson. NBA Japan also shared a post of the BTS member shaking hands with all of them. The original post has over 1000k likes and continues to gather more every second.


However, fans were quick to notice Suga's height difference with the players, especially Klay Thompson. BTS' Suga stood at 5' 9" beside the 6' 6" tall player.

One picture with Klay Thompson was taken from a certain angle, making him look twice Suga's height.

this shot is so mean
"i would like a copy of the bts album"
why is it always yoongi
the genre of christlike bts images
stephen curry next ig post

Golden State Warriors already has GOT7 member BamBam as their global ambassador, making him the first K-pop idol to perform at the NBA half-time. He also released Wheels up with Mayzin under the Warrior's new franchise label.

Various Golden State team members gave NCT's Mark, Chenle, and Johnny a shout-out. NCT's Yuta was also invited to watch the same game as Suga. Chenle also got a special shout-out from his favorite player Steph Curry, who suggested he visit the game live once the pandemic ended.

Golden State Warriors has now made a place in the hearts of the biggest K-pop fandom in the world by inviting BTS' Suga. With such interactions, fans can hope for several collaborations in the future.

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