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  • Karen David addresses the Rick Grimes Easter Egg in the Fear the Walking Dead trailer (Exclusive)
Karen David from Fear the Walking Dead (Picture sourced from the official Facebook Page)

Karen David addresses the Rick Grimes Easter Egg in the Fear the Walking Dead trailer (Exclusive)

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 is almost upon us as the show moves into uncharted territory. And if a new season and new characters were not enough, the official trailer recently sent the internet into a frenzy.

Karen David, who plays Grace Mukherjee, is heard namedropping the still absconding Rick Grimes in the closing moments of the Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 trailer. Her exact words to her beloved Morgan Jones (Lennie James) are as follows:

"Rick, he gave you the gun for a reason. Use it."

We spoke to the actress ahead of the final season of Fear the Walking Dead. As one would expect, she was wary of spoilers and ever so gracious with her measured response.

The final season begins May 14th on @AMC_TV & @AMCPlus.
Watch the #FearTWD #WonderCon trailer.

The Rick Grimes Easter Egg is a big moment for Fear the Walking Dead characters Grace & Morgan, feels Karen David


Morgan has been on a painful journey that spans two shows - The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. He has found a semblance of a family on the spinoff, and has learned to love again, thanks to Grace. David explains:

"Well without giving anything away (laughs), I think these moments when Morgan opens up to Grace, and talks about his past and what led him up to this point, I think those are moments that Grace truly, deeply appreciates, because Morgan has been through such visceral pain."
@KarenDavid @WonderCon @FearTWD @AMC_TV Grace telling Morgan “Rick gave you this gun for a reason, use it” in the Drake’s house is epic. I’m really shocked that Morgan took Grace & Mo the same place Jenny and Duane and Rick Grimes were. Hope to see more iconic TWD Locations (or people) in the final season

The actress continued:

"And it’s very difficult for him to open up to anyone. Or even for him to deal with his pain. The pain of his past. So when these Easter Eggs happen, these moments that happen, I think that it’s not only fun for the fans to see, but it’s also really big for Grace and for Morgan’s relationship together. Because it really helps her understand more of what he’s been through. And it explains a lot of things. You know they’ve been together for a really long time now."
Is this the future Grace dreamed of? #FearTWD

The Walking Dead Universe is slowly expanding with a Rick Grimes & Michonne spinoff, a Daryl Dixon spinoff, as well as a Maggie & Negan spinoff (Dead City) in the months to follow.

David spoke about the universe expanding in this SK POP interview:

"And so, I as Karen knew how big that moment was. And I love, I love, Jenna was talking about this before too, how we tie in TWD Universe too, it’s like everything is this accumulation you know. Everything’s coming together. Joining these dots from our past. And how they lead up to where we are now in our journeys as characters is such a wonderful gift too."

Rick Grimes and Morgan Jones meet in the very first episode of The Walking Dead. Theirs is a friendship that has truly lasted the test of time, even though Jones and Grimes are in two different parts of the zombie-infested universe at the moment. According to Karen David:

"So, you know, Grace knows the impact and the friendship that Morgan and Rick did have. She knows the impact that it’s had on Morgan and what that means. To be included now in these moments, where he talks about these things in the past is very meaningful for her."

Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC and AMC+ on Sunday, May 14, at 9 pm ET/ 8 pm CT. How will the return of Madison (Kim Dickens) influence the season? Stay tuned to SK POP to find out!

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