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  • Kiowa Gordon introduces the Dark Winds Season 2 villain - Colton Wolf (Exclusive)
Pictures from Dark Winds Season 2 (Official AMC Facebook Page)

Kiowa Gordon introduces the Dark Winds Season 2 villain - Colton Wolf (Exclusive)

Dark Winds Season 2 transports us all the way back to the 1970s, where three extraordinary individuals follow different leads to one end. Every clue leads them to a blond man who is a ruthless killer and one of the best villains that AMC has presented us with this year.

One of the investigators is Jim Chee, played by Kiowa Gordon. He is a private investigator in Dark Winds Season 2. No longer a deputy with the police department, his case leads him on the same path as Leaphorn (Zahn McClarnon) and Manuelito (Jessica Matten).


We caught up with the actor ahead of Dark Winds Season 2 to preview the edge-of-your-seat action thriller, and also to speak about Colton Wolf, the show's dangerous new villain.

Kiowa Gordon thinks that the Dark Winds Season 2 villain is simply "bada**"


Even though Gordon and actor Nick Logan, who plays Wolf, had scenes together, they were of the physical kind. So he had no idea what Logan sounded like:

"Colton Wolf. Love me some Nick Logan too. He's a great guy. I never had scenes with him where he was talking. So, I never knew his voice for the longest time. And then, I sat in on a scene that he was doing with another Private Detective."

Like his co-star Jessica Matten told SK POP, Logan's character couldn't be further from his real-life persona. Said Gordon:

"Nick is so far from who Colton is. It's fun. I love that we had a nice camaraderie off set. We had a nice, real encounter when we're in the hospital and he's chasing me around and I get in a fight. That's some cool stuff right there. And he doesn't even say it. It's just so bada**. He has this quiet intensity like does this guy ever talk? He is a bada**. I love that guy."

He also reiterated the bond that Matten had mentioned during our interview with the actress. Yes, they play a romantic pair on the show, but Gordon considers Jessica Matten his sister:

"Zahn's like an older brother or an uncle to me. Jessica's like a sister to me. We're like a family. I think that really lends itself to the material. Especially for intimate scenes that we get to share. It just strengthens...I think it just goes deeper for our characters. It makes it easier for us, I think to play on camera."

We asked Gordon whether he knew the Dark Winds Season 2 story in advance or whether he discovered it like fans will, with the mystery unfolding with every chapter. In response, he stated:

"We get the scripts as they're finished. We have an idea right? We get the outline and also, we have the source material to pull from but obviously it's not a direct, verbatim, word for word, scene by scene adaptation. And also a continuation of Season 1."

What makes Dark Winds Season 2 special then? Gordon explained:

"Season 2, it's really cool that we get to really take it episode by episode. We're not thinking this is happening here, this is happening there. We get to see it progress in real time for ourself. It's really fresh."

Catch Dark Winds Season 2 on Sunday, July 30, at 9 pm ET/PT only on AMC.

[Please note that this interview was conducted prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike.]


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