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  • Lee Da-hee, Lee Soo-hyuk, and OH MY GIRL’s Arin to star in upcoming K-drama adaption of webtoon 'S Line'
Featuring Lee Soo Hyuk (left), Lee Da Hee (centre), and OH MY GIRL’s Arin (right). (Images via Instagram)

Lee Da-hee, Lee Soo-hyuk, and OH MY GIRL’s Arin to star in upcoming K-drama adaption of webtoon 'S Line'

The main cast line for the upcoming K-drama S Line was finalized on September 4, 2023. Lee Da-hee, Lee Soo-hyuk, and OH MY GIRL’s Arin are confirmed to star in this adaptation of NOMABI’s eponymous webtoon. The drama follows a detective trying to solve the appearance of mysterious red lines on people’s heads, connecting them with anyone they had s*xual relations with.

Official cover art and webtoon clip from S-Line by NOMABI (Image via Naver)

The appearance of these lines causes havoc in society and insinuates harassment and isolation based on one’s ‘line count.’ People hide their faces in public, and celebrities avoid filming on top of their heads to escape scandal. Nothing is known about these lines, and they only disappear with one’s death.

The webtoon is a satirical take on society and its conventions, which judges people not conforming to them. Although the webtoon explored controversial topics, it received significant praise from its readers.


Arin will appear as a high school student in upcoming K-drama S Line

Previously, it was known that the South Korean actor Lee Soo-hyuk and the K-pop idol Arin from OH MY GIRL would star in the K-drama. However, the final cast was confirmed on September 4, 2023, after signing Korean star actress Lee Da-hee for the main cast.


Lee Soo-hyuk plays the lead role of Han Ji-wook in S Line, a headstrong detective with a flair for justice and a nonconformist who can see these red strings and is set to find out the truth or the reason behind them. The actor is famous for his classic visuals and substantial parts in K-dramas such as Doom At Your Service, Tomorrow, The Scholar Who Walks The Night, and more.

Meanwhile, famous South Korean actress Lee Da-hee, known for K-dramas like Beauty Inside and WWW and as one of the judges for the Netflix Korean reality show Single’s Inferno, will portray the character of an eccentric and awkward high-school teacher, Gyu-jin, in the upcoming drama, S Line.


Furthermore, OH MY GIRL’s Arin will play the role of a teenage high-school student, Hyun Heup, who can see the red string on people from the day she was born. Arin is also known for her role in the hit 2022 K-drama Alchemy of Souls, which starred famous Korean actress Jung So-min, singer-actor Minhyun from the K-pop group NU’EST (under HYBE), and Korean actor Lee Jae-wook.


The author of S Line, NOMABI, also known as Little Bee in the Korean world of webtoons, is also the author of Murder DIEary, another webtoon picked by Netflix for a K-drama adaptation. Both these webtoons are a part of a trilogy, Death Trilogy, and the characters of both stories appear in each other.

The upcoming K-drama, S Line, will wrap up its filming by the end of 2023 and will be released in 2024 via TVING productions next year.

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