WSU student Luke Morgan Tyler was found dead in his dorm room (Image via GoFundMe)

Luke Morgan Tyler GoFundMe: Fundraiser raises over $10K after Washington State University student found dead

Luke Morgan Tyler, a 19-year-old student at Washington State University, was found dead on January 22, 2023, in his dorm room. News of the freshman's demise sent shockwaves through the campus. As per reports, the cause of the young boy's death is not yet clear.

As soon as the students learned about Luke Morgan Tyler's death, they started fundraising to support his family in these challenging times. The students started fundraising on the GoFundMe website. On the GoFundMe page, the students wrote:

"Every person who came across Luke would say that he was one of the most sincere and kind individuals they have met. We want to ensure that his name is not forgotten, and to assist his family in these impossibly trying times. We want to give Luke the memorial he deserves, to honor his memory and say our last goodbyes. We are currently asking for donations to help cover the cost of Luke’s funeral for his family."
Students raise funds for Luke Morgan Tyler's family (Image via GoFundMe)

Luke Morgan Tyler's fundraiser achieves more than the target of $10k

To cover the cost of Luke’s funeral, Washington State University students have managed to raise $10,918 in funds, which is more than their target of $10k. There was a total of 195 donations, as per the GoFundMe website.


It is to be noted that Luke Morgan Tyler was a member of the Theta Chi fraternity, and the group of Luke's friends organized an online petition after his demise. In the petition, they said that Theta Chi should be investigated as the students suspect that the fraternity could be involved in this.

An online petition by Luke's friends against Theta Chi (Image via

In the petition, the students demanded that "Theta Chi be investigated, shut down, and the fraternity’s president, as well as pledge masters," be investigated for their involvement with the death of Luke Tyler. The petition read:

"On January 22, 2023 Luke Tyler was found dead in his dorm at Washington State university. His death directly followed a long and cruel pledging process allowed by his fraternity, theta chi. Their inhumane and cruel hazing forced Luke, and many others to do things nobody should ever be forced to do.

It added:

"Luke was truly an amazing person with an incredible affect on everyone whose life he touched, he deserves Justice. Please sign to bring awareness to our cause and help bring WSU’s attention to this issue so that those responsible see appropriate consequences, and to help prevent anybody else from being hurt."

The students of WSU further asked people to support Luke Morgan Tyler's family by donating on the GoFundMe page so that his family could cover the funeral charges and other things.

According to reports, officials from Washington State University have not made any remarks on Luke Morgan Tyler's death. However, a university spokesperson said that Interfraternity Council President William McGaughey has zero interest in conducting interviews at the moment.


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