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NCT DREAM rolls out Beatbox English version (Image via Twitter/@NCTsmtown_DREAM)

NCT DREAM rolls out the English Version of their previous title track, Beatbox

On March 21, NCT DREAM dropped the English version of the title track of their 2nd repackage album, Beatbox, right before the group kicked off their U.S. and European tour. The song became their first-ever full-fledged English track, and fans were thrilled to hear a different dimension of the previously released track. Many music streaming services, such as YouTube, offered Beatbox, which came with a lyrical video.


The song has garnered a lot of attention from not just the fans but also netizens in general. NCT DREAM sat down with Billboard for an interview after the song was released, during which they discussed both their time in the US as well as the new experimental track.

Fans react to NCT DREAM's new Beatbox English ver and its behind-the-scene stories

As the group extended the dates for their The Dream Show2 into the west, NCT DREAM considers the song not just a present for their English-speaking fans but also an experimental dive into a new genre. In the Billboard interview, Mark stated that it felt like the perfect time to extend their target audience.

idk what it is about nct dream but them doing an amazing job singing original korean title tracks into another language just feels sounds amazing like every dreamzen has heard both of these songs before but somehow it gives off a different feeling than the original
@billboard @NCTsmtown_DREAM I hope U.S are prepared and ready on what's about to happen! NCT DREAM discography is a CHEF KISS !
@NCTsmtown_DREAM I dont know with you but RENJUN’s voice sounds more golden here

Renjun and Haechan also shared that it was quite a unique experience working on Beatbox again. Despite it being a complete track, the reworking of the lyrics into English and getting into the intricacies of the song almost a year after its release was something that the members had fun with.

Following their thoughts on Beatbox's English version, NCT DREAM shared a few thoughts about their tour dates in the U.S. What the members are most excited about, Jeno reveals, is meeting more international fans and spending more time with them this time around.

nct dream billboard interview

seems like we can expect more english tracks in the future and be ready for their upcoming full-length album !! can't wait for another masterwork from 7DREAM
nct dream billboard interview

🦊: i tried to record in a way that'd suit the vibe of the track..

you did so well, renjun!! we especially love the ses part so much 🥺 twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

Since the group has only performed around twice in the U.S. with a short show, the lengthier visit this time naturally thrills them. Jaemin also added that they've got quite a handful of special stages prepared for fans to watch, including one for the new Beatbox version. Chenle and Jisung also shared that they were both shocked and grateful for the overwhelming response they received on their U.S. tour dates.

Additionally, Renjun and Jisung reassure all fans who are worried about the never-ending list of schedules for NCT DREAM that they are doing fairly well. Renjun shared:

Even when we’re busy with several activities, it’s always a good time because it’s spent with my members so even working feels like fun, that in itself sounds like healing to me!

Jisung added to the same by expressing parallel feelings with Renjun and stating that he feels all the more energized and active when the group's schedules are packed.

In the most intriguing information that resulted from their interview with Billboard, Jaemin revealed a few hints regarding a full-length album comeback from NCT DREAM this year, and fans have been particularly excited about the same. Here are his exact words from the interview:

We are actively participating in our upcoming full-length album and working very hard to bring out the best. I hope people will be able to see just how much we’ve put into it when the album comes out.

As fans enjoy the new track put forth by NCT DREAM, they are also eagerly looking forward to all the exciting content that's awaiting them once the tour of the U.S. and Europe kickstarts.

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