A disturbing video of a Tasmanian couple and a trout fish recently went viral online (Image via Twitter and Getty Images)

“Need brain and eyeball bleach”: Tasmanian Couple Trout video leaves internet baffled 

A video of a couple engaging with a trout fish as part of their physical activity in Tasmania recently went viral online. Reports suggested that the woman involved in the video previously worked in a vet clinic and had animal shelters, while the man allegedly wanted to be a fishing star on YouTube.

Trigger Warning: The following article contains disturbing and inappropriate information. Readers' discretion is advised.


In the disturbing clip, the couple was allegedly seen using the live trout fish as a s*xual object. The woman was reportedly seen lying atop a boat out in the ocean, while the man was heard saying:

“That's how you catch a trout!”

According to Yahoo News, a Tasmanian vet clinic reportedly addressed the situation and acknowledged that the woman is a former employee of the hospital:

“It has come to my recent attention that an ex-employee of the [vet] hospital has recently been the subject of attention by appearing in a video that has been widely circulated on social media.”

The vet clinic also apologized for the "distress" the content may have been caused and said that the hospital condemns all matters related to "disrespect or mistreatment of animals":

“Please understand that this person is no longer a paid employee... Any matter relating to disrespect or mistreatment of animals is condemned by all our staff and myself.”

The video also left social media users shocked, with many saying that they would require "brain and eyeball bleach" to forget the disturbing clip:

Reddit Comment (Image via Reddit)

RSPCA chief executive Jan Davis told The Mercury it was a "serious matter" and the organization would not be involved.


Before the disturbing trout fish video, the Tasmanian couple also allegedly appeared in another clip in which they engaged in physical activity while lying atop a grave at St Mark's Anglican Cemetery in Cressy, Northern Tasmania.

Investigation revealed that the grave belonged to renowned Tasmanian artist David Hammond Chapman. The artist died in Cressy in 1983.

Netizens react to disturbing video of Tasmanian couple involving trout fish

A distressing video showing a Tasmanian couple using live trout fish as part of their private physical act has largely circulated online and left social media users baffled.


As the video went viral on Reddit, netizens took to the comment section to express their disgust and condemn the video:

Reddit Comments (1/6) (Image via Reddit)
Reddit Comments (2/6) (Image via Reddit)
Reddit Comments (3/6) (Image via Reddit)
Reddit Comments (4/6) (Image via Reddit)
Reddit Comments (5/6) (Image via Reddit)
Reddit Comments (6/6) (Image via Reddit)

While comments continued to pour in online, Tasmanian police urged social media users to delete the trout fish video with immediate effect.

“Police are aware of a graphic video circulating involving two people and a fish. Police are investigating and following a specific line of enquiry. Police encourage anyone with the video to delete it immediately.”

Officials also warned that distributing or possessing the footage would be considered an offense. They also confirmed that the matter is being investigated on legal terms.

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