ITZY's Cheshire comeback performance on music charts raises eyebrows (Image via Twitter/ITZYofficial)

Netizens discuss ITZY’s decreasing popularity after Cheshire comeback sees low performance on K-charts

ITZY’s latest comeback album Cheshire was released amidst mixed responses from netizens, who are now wondering if the group’s popularity has decreased over time.

A blog post uploaded to Nate, a South Korean online forum, titled "But why is ITZY slowly failing?" was uploaded on December 3, 2022. The post already had 359 thumbs up and only 76 thumbs down, along with 107k views at the time of writing this article. Many K-netizens seemed to agree that Cheshire was not performing well on the major South Korean music charts.

.@ITZYofficial's "Cheshire" is now out of MelOn TOP100 for 44 hours. The song is currently charting only on Bugs at #48, since it's out of FLO TOP100 and Genie TOP200 too.
.@ITZYofficial "Cheshire" — 21:00 KST

#71 Bugs (-34)
Genie TOP 200 OUT
MelOn TOP 100 OUT…

As per multiple tweets floating around on Twitter, Cheshire was out of MelOn Top 100, FLO Top 100, and Genie Top 200, three major South Korean music platforms, as of December 2, 2022. The blog post also compared the group’s previous hit releases and emphasized the digital “fails” of the new album.

ITZY’s latest comeback with Cheshire receives mixed response from fans


After dropping the pre-release English single Boys Like You in the last week of October, fans were enthusiastically looking forward to ITZY’s Cheshire. Even more so because the five-member girl group was behind some of K-pop’s iconic dance moves and songs with Dalla Dalla and Wannabe. However, with new girl groups reigning in the industry, the LOCO girl group’s popularity seems to have taken a backseat.

Cheshire was released on November 30, 2022, but its failure to peak on major South Korean music charts has become a part of the online debate. K-netizens discussed why they thought ITZY’s reputation was decreasing. The oversaturation of girl groups, the agency’s failure to keep the group buzzing, and the members’ composition were some of the reasons fans thought were leading to the LOCO singers’ fall.

Comments on Nate regarding Cheshire's failure on K-charts (Image via Pannchoa)
Comments on Nate regarding Cheshire's failure on K-charts (Image via Pannchoa)

On the other hand, international fans rose to defend the criticism. They shared that the song did well on the international charts. Cheshire ranked No. 1 on the Worldwide iTunes Album chart on December 1 and No. 6 on the same chart the next day.

The group has also hit its highest first-week sales, with 550,000 album copies already sold. They have two days left until the tracking period ends.

One fan, Twitter user @softfornini, pointed out the comparisons of the group’s previous releases and its achievements with Cheshire. They called out the hypocrisy of when many called ITZY “a flop” for doing well on K-charts but not on international charts and repeating the same when they have great numbers on foreign charts but not on local charts.

sneakers top 5 in korea, checkmate million seller but lacks internationally = a flop

cheshire no.1 on plenty of international charts, streams keep increasing & their highest 1st day & week sales EVER but is lacking in korea = a flop

what do y’all actually expect from itzy?
@itzysvt and cheshire isn’t even doing bad either the debuts on billboard chart are insane for a cb that wasn’t specifically targeted twrd the west with B SIDES at that. #1 on youtube in multiple countries and ppl generally love it like midzys just love to be miserable for no reason
the reason why cheshire is doing bad on charts is not because of the song itself but because of everything else that happened from after there's no way you're telling me cheshire is a båd song
and i think a part of our fandom is not able to comprehend the fact that it_y has clearly lost a big chunk of popularity for whatever reason .. there's would be no way che_hire is doing bad on Spotify if it weren't the case
am i a bit disappointed cheshire isnt doing good on charts? yeah. am i really upset about it? no. i know the song is good and eventually they will get the recognition they deserve for it. and i know that *i* like it and itzy does too. thats what matters to me

Meanwhile, ITZY continues to make its mark on Spotify and Billboard, demonstrating its popular reach. The group ranked 74 with CHECKMATE on Billboard’s Top Album Sales and No. 49 on Top Current Album Sales.


On Spotify, the girl group ranked eighth on the Most-Streamed K-pop Artists Globally list, while their song LOCO placed 33 on the Top 50 K-pop Tracks of 2022 Globally.

itzy in 2022:

- first jype million seller gg
- jype’s highest ranking group on kcharts
- the ONLY 4th gen gg in Billboard Top 10 World Albums Artists
- 4th in most streamed girlgroups and the ONLY 4th gen
- Spotify’s most streamed 4th gen gg


A major concern that pops up continuously among fans is the members’ promotions in South Korea. Fans continue to raise their voices for more promotions such as variety show appearances, photoshoots, and more for the members.

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