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NewJeans LG Laptop: Price and more explored as fans raise questions

Korean tech giant LG has teamed up with popular K-pop group NewJeans to unveil their partnership with the company's latest limited-edition laptop.

The collaboration, which was announced on January 25th, sees NewJeans serve as global brand ambassadors for LG and marks the launch of special editions of the LG 2023 Gram laptop series, featuring NewJeans’ official mascot, Bunny, in its design.

The bunny design has been a symbol of NewJeans since their debut

Everything to know about LG's NewJeans limited collection

The limited-edition series features two exclusive laptop cover designs featuring Bunny, with the device also coming pre-loaded with four icon designs and special wallpapers.

LG also released accompanying accessories with matching designs, including a laptop pouch, mouse, mouse pad, cable strap, and Bunny-themed product box.

All the merch created by LG for NewJeans

The laptops are set to retail for ₩2.70 million KRW which is about $2,190 USD. Although the design of the laptop has received positive feedback, the price has prompted mixed reactions among Korean netizens towards the collaboration as a whole.

To showcase their collaboration with LG, the five members of NewJeans were featured in a promotional video for the limited-edition LG Gram Style NewJeans laptop.

The video begins with individual shots of each member and then shifts to showcase the laptop and its unique design. The advertisement has a similar aesthetic to NewJeans' music videos, with scenes reminiscent of their previous work, and even added the famous dubstep from their hit song Ditto.

To end the video, they showcased behind-the-scenes pictures from their timeline together on the laptop.


In addition to the launch of the limited-edition laptops, LG will also hold a meet-and-greet event for 30 lucky invitees, some of which will be chosen through a raffle from the limited-edition laptop buyers.

This fourth-generation K-pop group has been impressing netizens with the wide range of brand endorsements they have secured. Unlike other groups, they have been able to secure deals with a variety of companies across different industries, including banking, education, and beauty.

What sets NewJeans apart is that they are able to secure these endorsements as a group rather than as individuals. This is unusual in the K-pop industry, where individual endorsements are more common.


Companies are betting on the appeal of the girl group to attract a younger customer base, which seems to be working.

In recent events, the girl group has recently gained the attention of famous actor Ryan Reynolds, who posted an edit of the band's new single "OMG" on his official TikTok page.


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