OMEGA X's agency addresses changing fancafe passwords reports (Image via Twitter/OmegaX_official)

OMEGA X’s agency says changing fancafe passwords was to "prevent the leak of their personal information"

SPIRE Entertainment replied to reports of them cutting off OMEGA X’s communication with fans on the Korean platform Fancafe by changing their passwords.

It was previously reported by Sports Kyunghyang, a Korean news outlet, that the agency changed the members’ access passwords without informing them. Some did regain access, but some were unable to log in.

spire changing the passwords for omega x fancafe is reminding me of when they put the members on sns ban for no good reason ??€€~}%# like insane

In response to the report, on December 2, SPIRE Entertainment stated that the access was switched because of a staff change in the fan marketing department. As per translation via Soompi:

“Due to a change in the staff member in charge of fan marketing, we are in the midst of changing the passwords for the official fancafe. After the transition is complete, [the OMEGA X members’] access will be restored, and we will immediately make it possible for them to resume communicating [with their fans].”

The agency’s relationship with the VAMOS idol group was recently exposed as full of "mental, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse." The group held a press conference to reveal the truth and stated they would take legal action against the company.


SPIRE Entertainment addresses changing OMEGA X's fancafe password

For over two months, SPIRE Entertainment has been making headlines across the globe for all the wrong reasons. When a fan exposed the CEO hitting OMEGA X members in public, more allegations of the agency mistreating the idols came forward.

OMEGA X later created a personal Instagram account, without the supervision of SPIRE Entertainment, to directly communicate with fans. However, a local South Korean news outlet reported that the agency had removed members’ access to their fancafe accounts and changed their passwords.

The agency then replied that it was a step taken to prevent leaks of the artists’ personal data as they were changing members in their fan marketing department. The agency stated:

“We did not intentionally cut off communication between [the members] and their fans; it was a measure we took to prevent the leak of their personal information during the process of changing the staff member in charge of fan marketing. At present, each member has been issued a new password, and they are now able to access the fancafe.”

When initial reports of the members' access being cut were released, K-pop fans were furious with the agency’s constant mistreatment of the group.

Recent updates on OMEGA X


As OMEGA X continue to post on their personal group Instagram account, several actions by the group have made it into the news. The group was said to have applied for all its trademark rights on November 14 and, a day later, informed that they would reportedly be pressing charges against the agency’s now-former CEO.

The group’s Japan social media accounts were closed on November 30, 2022, after SKIYAKI announced the termination of their contracts with SPIRE Entertainment due to the abuse scandal. SKIYAKI is Japan’s largest fan media company.

Meanwhile, the group will be applying to nullify its contract with the agency.

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