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Perfect Marriage Revenge: Ending and Season 2 renewal possibility explored

Perfect Marriage Revenge wrapped up with a happy ending, portraying the protagonist's journey towards building a lovely family in the drama. The final episode, which is episode 12, aired on December 3.

The official synopsis for the drama Perfect Marriage Revenge, according to Asianwiki, is as follows:

"The story of Han Yi-joo, who chose a contract marriage to avenge her husband and family, and Seo Do-gook who postpones a contract marriage to welcome her as his wife."

The main cast of the Perfect Marriage Revenge includes Sung Hoon and Jung Yoo-min, who played the roles of Seo Do-guk and Han Yi-joo in the series.


Seo Do-guk and Han Yi-joo have a happy family with a kid in the end of the Perfect Marriage Revenge


In the final episode of Perfect Marriage Revenge, Seo Do-guk and Han Yi-joo celebrate the joyous news of Yi-joo's pregnancy. However, their happiness is short-lived when Seo Do-guk's brother, Seo Jung-wook, kidnaps Yi-joo in order to take revenge.

Do-guk discovers that his brother's leg, which he claimed was injured, is perfectly fine. He realizes Jung-wook's true intentions and rushes to rescue his wife.

The scene transitions to Yi-joo being held captive by Jung-wook, who stops her from fleeing but also strikes her in the car. As the two struggle, the car comes to an abrupt halt, and Do-guk arrives at the scene. He successfully rescues Yi-joo but is injured by Jung-wook. Moreover, the truck passed them at that time, erasing marks from her hands, which put a full stop on the time travel that duo were going through.


Do-guk falls into a coma following surgery, and his brother confronts their father, who makes him realize his wrong actions. Do-guk's mother tenderly cares for the pregnant Yi-joo. Meanwhile, Taeja Group expels the pregnant Han Yoo-raa, who had falsely claimed to be carrying Jung-wook's child.

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Do-guk undergoes another surgery, while Yi-joo prays for his recovery. She realizes that meeting Do-guk has helped her discover her true self and how deeply she loves him. Do-guk finds himself back in the past, reminding himself of the moment when he first met Yi-joo. This experience forces him to wake up from his coma.

Yi-joo's prayers are finally answered, and she receives the news of Do-guk's recovery. She rushes to his surgery room and finds him awake. The two share an emotional moment filled with tears and laughter. Yi-joo embraces Do-guk, and he returns home, where his father puts the importance of family first.

Yi-joo and Do-guk return home and discuss their plans for their baby's future, including feeding their child different kinds of meals and talking about each other's families.

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Meanwhile, Han Yoo-raa arrives at the home of her baby's biological father while he is having dinner with his future wife. She demands that he take care of her pregnancy, even though he is engaged to another woman. She then abandons her mother, who is in jail, when she refuses to give her money.

The scene shifts to Yi-joo preparing for her marriage registration. Do-guk and Yi-joo officially registered their marriage and signed the paperwork.

Yi-joo takes him to an expensive restaurant, where Do-guk gets down on one knee, presents her with a diamond ring, and proposes once again. She warmly embraces him in response.

Do-guk sweeps Yi-joo off her feet in front of everyone and declares that he is ready for their wedding night.

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A year passes, and the couple is seen lovingly caring for their baby. Yi-joo draws a family portrait, which she proudly displays on the walls of their home. The duo concludes their story with a happy family in the heartwarming finale of Perfect Marriage Revenge.

Will there be a second season for Perfect Marriage Revenge

The ending of the romantic comedy drama Perfect Marriage Revenge left no space for ambiguity, and a second season is highly unlikely. MBN has also not released any official statement regarding a renewal.

Fans can binge watch the twelve episodes of Perfect Marriage Revenge on TVING, Viki, and Wavve.

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