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Here's what you need to know about Will Smith AI spaghetti video (Image via snip from Twitter)

"Remove this cursed video"-Will Smith AI spaghetti video leaves internet traumatized 

Actor Will Smith is in the limelight yet again, this time not for the slap gate row but for an AI-generated video of him eating spaghetti.

If you are on social media then you must've come across AI-generated content in the recent past. While some of the AI-generated content has left people impressed, some surely has left people traumatized and one amongst it is the AI-generated video of actor Will Smith eating spaghetti.


As soon as the video went viral, people started reacting to it and requested to remove it. A social media user said:


The video was first shared on Reddit by a user known as 'Chaindrop'. The video was created using a machine learning model, ModelScope Text2Video generator, that can easily convert text into short videos.

In the now-viral video, actor Will Smith is seen having spaghetti and the video has left social media users scratching their heads. His face has been distorted in the video and he can be seen monstrously eating the spaghetti, making him look scary.


Netizens call AI-generated video of Will Smith a nightmare, see reactions

Social media users do not seem to be impressed with Will Smith's pasta video and are saying that this is the worst that they could've seen in their life. One user said that this video is deeply unnerving.

See reactions here:

"Will Smith eating spaghetti" generated by Modelscope text2video

credit: u/chaindrop from r/StableDiffusion
@PRguitarman Now I want to see Will Smith eating milk steak
@MagusWazir Why did I have to see this right before bed??! 🥲
Born too early to explore space.

Born too late to explore the world.

Born just in time to get violently traumatized by a video of "Will Smith" "eating" "Spaghetti"
Text to video.

It’s so over.
obsessed w this AI generated video of will smith eating spaghetti
@Kevin_Huerter1 @weirddalle i tried putting "a man made out of spaghetti that is eating will smith" and got this nightmare
The thing I'm enjoying most about working in AI is the sheer unpredictability of it all

Today's surprise: this text-to-video generated monstrosity of Will Smith eating spaghetti
@OrdinaryGamers my favorite is the shirtless skinwalker will smith eating spaghetti with a pipe cleaner.
Will Smith eating spaghetti generated by AI....bro I'm not ready for the future

What is the Modelscope text-to-video tool?

The Modelscope text-to-video tool is another technology that helps convert text into videos. The tool was made public last week and as soon as it hit the internet, people started making little snippets.

Now, videos of dancing skeletons, cranes running in the void, and Will Smith eating spaghetti are doing the rounds on the internet.

Currently, this technology uses images from stock photo sites, and images from the internet and is giving a watermark to Shutterstock. However, the developers said that the technology is likely to get real pretty soon.

Earlier this week, deep fake pictures of Pope went viral where he was seen in dope attire and people were impressed with it. They even said that this picture screams that Pope is going to drop his latest album.

Creator Pablo Xavier, who made the image of the Pope in a jacket, while speaking to Buzzfeed said that he thought it was funny to see the Pope in a funny jacket,

He further said:

"I figured I was going to get backlash. I just didn’t think it was going to be to this magnitude."

Before this, a deep fake picture of Trump getting arrested also went viral.


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