RHOM star Lenny Hochstein responds to domestic violence claims (Image via Instagram/@lennyhochstein)

RHOM's Lenny Hochstein sues Lisa Hochstein for defamation

Real Housewives of Miami (RHOM) stars Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein filed for divorce on May 11, 2022. Fans have had a front-row seat to their ups and downs over the years and even the messy divorce.

Not too long ago, Lisa Hochstein took to social media to hint that her estranged husband had previously abused her. She wrote in a since-deleted Instagram story that she was left with no choice because she was being "harassed through the court system and through 'others' by Lenny" and that it needed to stop.


On Friday, December 1, 2023, Lenny filed a case against the RHOM star and recently took to social media to refute the claims. He took to Instagram to speak up and wrote that he was opposed to all forms of violence, "especially against women."

"Unfortunately, my ex Lisa has taken it upon herself to discredit and mock actual victims of domestic violence by taking it upon herself to post pictures of a self-inflicted bruise, claiming that I was responsible for it," Lenny wrote.

RHOM season 6 is currently on air and airs episodes every Wednesday on Bravo.


Lenny Hochstein responds to RHOM star Lisa Hochstein's domestic abuse claims


In the same Instagram post, the RHOM husband noted that he had retained a lawyer and filed a lawsuit to protect himself. He further said that a "credible forensic pathologist" investigated the case and confirmed that Lisa's bruise was not a result of a "violent dispute."

US Weekly obtained court documents of the lawsuit on Friday during which, Lenny claimed that Lisa Hochstein's' bruise was a result of her losing her balance while walking up the stairs during a heated argument.

The RHOM husband further spoke to the publication about the same and noted that he'd put up with a lot of stuff that she said about him but that he would not allow her to say that he "physically abused her."

"I think an accusation that is so serious and heinous has to be responded to. The fact is I have never hit a woman in my life, certainly not Lisa."

Lenny Hochstein made another revelation on Instagram. Following the story about Lisa's alleged false claims of domestic abuse, he revealed that his estranged wife cheated on him in September and October 2019. He added that she knew about the divorce beforehand, as opposed to her claims of being blindsided by it.

He said that the Bravo star's "smear campaign" against him and his now-fiancée Katharina Nahlik, claiming that she was a "mistress" were completely false.

"There was no blindside, Katharina is in no way responsible for the end of my marriage and the decision to leave Lisa. She calls Katharina a "homewrecker" but the trust is that the only one who got caught cheating, having an affair, and wrecked the home is Lisa."

Fans can watch Lenny and Lisa Hochstein's ongoing divorce during RHOM season 6, which airs episodes weekly on Wednesdays.


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