SEVENTEEN BooSeokSoon's SECOND WIND recieves great commercial success (Image via Twitter/@pledis17)

SEVENTEEN BooSeokSoon's SECOND WIND tops music charts and sells over 4,78,000 copies on its first day

On February 6, BooSeokSoon released their much-awaited single album, SECOND WIND, which has been greatly received by fans, topping the music charts and selling out an impressive quantity within just 24 hours.

All three tracks, plus their classic 2017 track, Just Do It, took the top four places in the MelOn Real-time Charts; the trio's physical album sold approximately 4,78,679 copies in just 24 hours.


Their title track, Fighting (feat. Lee Youngji) also set a global record by ranking within the top ten places in 33 countries, of which in 24 countries, including Argentina, Japan, Indonesia, and Singapore, the song held the no.1 position. Additionally, their other songs, LUNCH and 7 PM (feat. Pedar Elias), has also been doing great on many South Korean music charts like MelOn, Bugs, Genie, etc.

SEVENTEEN's sub-unit BooSeokSoon surpasses records of several fourth-generation K-pop groups

ALL booseoksoon songs top the melon real time chart 🥹

Despite being a sub-unit of SEVENTEEN, BooSeokSoon's commercial success has been greater than many fourth-generation K-pop groups. With immense love from their fans, their recently-released album's title song, Fighting, ranked first as the most streamed song in the first 24 hours on MelOn, surpassing TXT's Sugar Rush Ride with 1,971,000 streams.


Also, given that Lee Joungji was featured in the song, it also topped the charts under the K-pop female artists' charts. According to the statistics, many noted that BooSeokSoon's SECOND WIND was doing much better in the music charts in comparison to their group, SEVENTEEN, and the members even joked about the same.

Most streamed songs in first 24 hours on MelOn in 2023:

1. #BSS Fighting (feat. #LeeYoungJi) — 1,971,000 *Still Counting*
2. #TXT Sugar Rush Ride — 1,956,700
3. #NewJeans OMG — 1,626,000
4. #NCT127 Ay-Yo — 1,504,800
5. #TXT Devil by the Window — 1,280,500

As news of BSS's commercial success became loud, S.Coups, SEVENTEEN's leader, took to Weverse appreciating the trio in the funniest way possible. He posted a comment, writing:

"No, what's with BooSeokSoon, What's with the charts? ... SEVENTEEN be nervous."

The teasing take on the news along with him labeling the trio as 'Fourth Generation Idols' was found both adorable and hilarious by fans. Additionally, Seungkwan and D.K. also expressed their gratitude towards fans who supported the first album release.

no but booseoksoon what's with the charts
4th gen idol BSS
seventeen be nervous hah

BSS surpassing their SVT sunbaenim

Fans react to BooSeokSoon's debut album title track, Fighting

After a long wait and a lot of patience, fans' prayers for an official BSS comeback were finally answered and to say that they were impressed is an understatement. From the choice of genre to the concept creation, many felt that it was well-tailored for the trio and the music video surpassed their already high expectations.

Given the years of friendship that Youngji and the SEVENTEEN members shared, especially with Seungkwan and Hoshi, fans were happy to finally see a collaboration roll out. Many were specifically impressed that her rap matched greatly with BooSeokSoon's aesthetic and are in hopes of seeing more content between them during promotions.

booseoksoon x youngji SOOO GOOD
booseoksoon feat youngji is so funny it’s like here’s the most effortlessly cool person in the entire world with three court jesters i love them
Lee Youngji's rap part is a bop! BOOSEOKSOON and Lee Youngji really never disappoints 🥵

booseoksoon is a prime example of everything great and quintessential about kpop… just pure fun and excitement in both their songs and mv visuals n i’m just so so in love with this comeback <3 #BSS_FIGHTING
booseoksoon acknowledging our daily struggles and saying that they’ll be there to sing for us and cheer us on 🥺 thank u

#부석순힘을내_파이팅해야지 #Okay_BSS_Fighting
2018: do whatever you want without hesitation
2023: gotta keep going, what else can you do?

booseoksoon !!! 🫶🏻 @pledis_17…

With the single's concept being about daily mundane and draining tasks, the song that cheered those who were struggling with the same was what fans found to be the most appreciative of the song. Known for their enthusiastic and encouraging concept, BSS didn't seem to let their fans down this time either.

As the trio started off their sub-unit journey with great success, fans couldn't seem to hold back their excitement and were incredibly proud of the three members. As a first step towards the promotions, fans are eager to get content from their special offline event that will be held this Sunday, February 12, at 7 pm KST in Seoul.

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