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  • "Evil agenda": Netizens outraged as Londonderry School teacher's audio berating Muslim students goes viral
Londonderry Junior High School teacher comes under fire for ridiculing Muslim teachers who missed Pride event (Image via Google Maps)

"Evil agenda": Netizens outraged as Londonderry School teacher's audio berating Muslim students goes viral

Canada’s Londonderry School has gone viral online after a teacher berated Muslim students for skipping the institution’s LGBTQ Pride events. A student recorded the educator’s speech, and the audio clip was quick to circulated across social media platforms. The school has since released a statement seemingly saying that the teacher will not be held accountable for her actions.

The matter at hand has left netizens furious.

@ShaykhSulaiman This is the schools response, there won’t be no consequences to her behaviour as she will be protected under this evil agenda of trans grooming in schools

The Londonderry School clip initially went viral on Twitter by amassing over a million views. In the same, a teacher can be heard shouting at the Muslim students for not taking part in the school’s Pride activities. The unidentified teacher says in the audio clip:

“If you think it’s acceptable to not show up because you think it’s something… there are Pride activities going on at school right? 'Oh that’s fine because I’m going to show my opinion by hanging out at the mall.'”
A teacher at Londonderry Junior High School in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, tells Muslim pupils off for skipping school to avoid LGBTQ Pride events.

The teacher goes on to state that the students who were celebrating Pride month were also present in class when Ramadan was celebrated. She says:

“They’re here when we did Ramadan… they’re showing respect to the class for your religion, right? For your beliefs. It goes two ways! If you want to be respected for who you are, if you do not want to suffer prejudice for your religion, your color of skin, your whatever, then you better give it back to people for who are different from you. That’s how it works. It’s an exchange.”

The educator goes on to explain how other countries have strict laws against the LGBTQ community and mentions Uganda as an example. She goes on to speak about Canada by saying:

“We believe in freedom. We believe that people can marry whomever they want. That is in the law. And if you don’t think that should be the law, you can’t be Canadian. You don’t belong here. I mean it.”

Netizens respond to viral Londonderry School recording

Internet users were outraged by the incident. Many could not believe that the Londonderry teacher was forcing her beliefs on the students and cited religion as an example. Others went on to attack those who are Liberals.

@ShaykhSulaiman Fascist and Bigoted so called “liberals”.
@ShaykhSulaiman They construct a moral framework centered around inclusivity, but if one does not conform to their predefined standards,

They exclude you?
@ShaykhSulaiman She should be fired immediately. Religion and LGBTQ2+ are not one in the same. Parents in Edmonton need to do a huge pushback
@ShaykhSulaiman Our only hope is a Divine intervention.
@ShaykhSulaiman Pride is a religion now 🤦‍♀️
@ShaykhSulaiman Getting your kids out of the schools is the only move on the board right now.
@ShaykhSulaiman They are basically telling kids to compromise on their religion. Well, they can do the most CANADIAN thing ever and Politely say NO!
@ShaykhSulaiman Bigger question…

Why do they want kids to be LGBTQ so bad? This has nothing to do with acceptance or creating a “safe space”.

It’s religious masquerading as virtue.
@ShaykhSulaiman tolerance by force is just fascism with extra steps

Londonderry School responds to viral audio clip


The school’s principal Ed Charpentier released a statement on June 3 in regards to the viral recording. He said:

“The views expressed by the teacher do not reflect the values of acceptance, inclusion and belonging that are so strong at Londonderry School.”

Charpentier went on to say that the school will be celebrating Pride month and National Indigenous History Month for the rest of June. He also said:

“Throughout next week, Pride Week may be mentioned during the daily announcements as a way to highlight activities. There may also be materials like posters in the common areas of the school as well as some activities for those that wish to participate. Pride week is an opportunity to reflect the importance of being kind and accepting to all people. Students of all ages deserve to have their unique families and identities represented positively.”

At the time of writing this article, the identity of the teacher involved was not revealed online.


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