Paige brings up Lindsay in Austen and Ciara's argument on Winter House (Image via Instagram/paige_desorbo,lindshubbs)

"Such a bitter flop": Fans slam Paige for bringing up Lindsay's name between Ciara and Austen's argument on Winter House

Winter House season 2 aired a brand new episode on Thursday, December 8, 2022, at 8 pm ET on Bravo. The one-hour episode featured cast members spending the last few days together in Stowe, Vermont, having fun and making memories, while also indulging themselves in some much-needed drama, conflicts and confrontations. Viewers were hooked to their television screens as they witnessed the dynamics in play.

On this week's episode of the series, Austen and Ciara got into an argument when the former blamed Ciara for being intimate with other men when he wasn't allowed to bring his girlfriend Olivia into the house. Ciara, however, felt that the two were in different situations and slammed the Southern Charm star for targeting her.


However, Paige blamed Austen for letting Lindsay leave without any confrontation over their issues but instead choosing to yell at Ciara for a trivial matter. Fans, however, slammed Paige for bringing in Lindsay's name between Austen and Ciara's argument on the show. One tweeted:

Lindsay is long gone and Paige is still raging about Lindsay. Such a bitter flop. #winterhouse

The official synopsis of the Winter House episode, titled Stowe Messy, reads:

"Jason woos Rachel on Stowe Mountain; Paige ponders her next steps with Craig; Austen is at odds with both Lindsay and Ciara; Jessica asks Kyle for advice about her feelings for Kory, but her compliments for Rachel leave much to be desired."


Paige confronts Austen over his fight with Ciara on Winter House

On tonight's episode of Winter House, the cast members decided to address the rumors surrounding Lindsay making inappropriate gestures towards Austen last year during Kyle and Amanda's wedding. While the publicist and her now fiance Carl Radke didn't make a big deal about it, the ladies - including Paige, Amada and Ciara - still felt awkward with the situation.

The issue quickly died down as Carl and Lindsay made their way home the following day and Austen decided to put the issue to rest. The cast then enjoyed a fun-filled day of skiing and drinks, before returning home for an evening of booze and games. While playing a game of truth and dare, Austen asked the ladies when was the last time they had s*x.

Ciara's response of 15 days irked him as the Southern Charm star blamed her for not allowing him to bring his girlfriend Olivia to the house while she chose to move on with other men. Ciara had previously asked Austen not to bring Olivia as it would be weird considering their dynamics.


Austen, however, addressed the hypocrisy of the situation in a confessional on Winter House. He felt that if it was Ciara bringing a new man into the house, he would have been welcoming and gotten to know him, but when he wanted to bring Olivia into the picture, Ciara did not agree to the same.

Ciara, for her part, explained that they were two different situations and that Austen was constantly putting her in weird situations and making her look like a fool. She expressed her frustrations and locked herself up in the room. Her best friend Paige then took over the situation and addressed her concerns with Austen.

The Winter House star felt that Austen didn't confront Lindsay over their issues and instead apologized to her for a comment he made, but chose to yell at Ciara over a trivial issue while they were having fun. Paige said:

"You won't yell at Lindsay but you'll yell at her over, and over, and over again. You let Lindsay get away with everything, but you're yelling at her [Ciara] during a friendly game because she f****d someone two weeks ago?...But yet, the b**ch that f****d you over walked into this house two days ago, you didn't say a f***ing word. You apologized to her."

Paige felt that it was unnecessary for Austen to yell at Ciara when he left her alone after sleeping with her and went to Olivia instead.

Fans slam Paige for targeting Lindsay on Winter House

Fans took to social media and slammed Paige for bringing up Lindsay's name in Ciara and Austen's argument.

Every time I wanna give the benefit of the doubt to Paige she’s gotta be a Twat and insult Lindsay for something or other. She’s like obsessed in a hs mean girl way with her. #winterhouse
Paige, Austen disrespecting Ciara is par for the course. I’ve lost count at this point of how many times. Lindsay has nothing to do with this. Stop obsessing over her. #WinterHouse
Paige why are you bringing up Lindsay! Thirsty! #WinterHouse
Paige & Amanda are obsessedddddddd with Lindsey. Why’re you brining her up w this Austen & ciara thing. They want the boys to ostracize and basically shit on Lindsay so bad. Get a grip #WinterHouse
Why is Paige mentioning Lindsay? #winterhouse
Why is Paige yelling at Austen for *not* treating Lindsay as badly as he did Ciara?
Isn’t the point that he shouldn’t treat *anyone* that way?
Or does she like the venom, just not like the target? 🤔 #WinterHouse
Paige really hates Lindsay. Lol. Lindsay’s name did not need to be mentioned. #WinterHouse
The way they make everything about Linsday! #Meangirl Paige just had to insert Lindsay in the middle of Ciara and Austin's argument. WTH does it have to do with Lindsay? She wasn't even there!! Her fixation with Lindsay is insane. #WinterHouse
Paige and Ciara are obsessed with Lindsay this girl ain’t thinking about them but all they can do is think of her I don’t get it🤷🏽‍♂️ #WinterHouse
Kyle full on cheated on Amanda. Paige and Craig hooked up w/others during the first months of their relationship. Austen and Ciara hooked up after he started dating Olivia. Why is what Lindsay did (maybe) even a discussion? #WinterHouse

Season 2 of Winter House is almost coming to an end. With the season finale episode airing next week, the cast members will spend one final time in the house and hash out impending issues from the season. Will they be able to resolve their differences or will some relationships be fractured forever? Only time will tell.

Don't miss the season finale of Winter House next Thursday, December 15, 2022, at 8 pm ET on Bravo.


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