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  • Suki Waterhouse’s under $400 H&M gown for the British Fashion Awards proves fashion can be under budget: “I’m a High-Street Girl at Heart”
Suki Waterhouse's 2023 British Fashion Awards outfit (Image via Twitter/@bestsukiw)

Suki Waterhouse’s under $400 H&M gown for the British Fashion Awards proves fashion can be under budget: “I’m a High-Street Girl at Heart”

Suki Waterhouse once again strutted the 2023 British Fashion Awards red carpet on December 4, 2023. For the awards night held at Rober Hall in London, the star wore an elegant red dress from H&M, flaunting her baby bump. The actress' dress from H&M, which cost less than $400, was an excellent illustration of affordable fashion at the British Fashion Awards.

While speaking to Vogue on the red carpet, Suki Waterhouse described herself as:

"High-street girl at heart"

Suki received compliments for her sense of style from her admirers and connoisseurs of fashion, who were impressed by her tulle gown.


Netizens were impressed with Suki Waterhouse’s beautiful red dress at the British Fashion Awards 2023

Take a closer look at the comments by internet users (Image via Instagram/@voguemagazine)

During the evening of the 2023 British Fashion Awards, Suki Waterhouse wore a completely red outfit, and her fans adored it. While many on the internet remarked that she appeared to be an "empress," some admirers praised her color red as stunning.

According to the comments of one social media user, Suki appeared to be extremely magnificent, while another user commented that she looked beautiful. Some people enjoyed this outfit from H&M more than the Chanel gown that Dua Lipa wore at the Met Gala.

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A handful of them also wrote about her pregnancy and commented on how Suki looked absolutely radiant as a forthcoming mother.


More about Suki Waterhouse’s 2023 British Fashion Awards outfit and her pregnancy

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With her stunning pink dress, Suki Waterhouse announced her pregnancy with Robert Pattinson on stage in Mexico. Naturally, her first red-carpet presence following the happy news would be a big deal. Suki sprung a surprise by hitting the high street for the 2023 Fashion Awards, just when nearly every retailer was getting ready to outfit the actor in a Rihanna-esque maternity style statement.

Her dramatic red tulle gown from the soon-to-be-launched H&M Studio Holiday capsule was further enhanced by an elegant train specially added to the red carpet.

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The H&M Studio Holiday assortment will arrive on December 7, 2023, and this red tulle gown will be marked with a retail price of $353.70.

In her interview with Vogue, Waterhouse said she felt comfortable wearing her lightweight H&M red dress, especially compared to the previous year’s silver sequinned ensemble.

“Incredibly easy and comfortable to wear,” she said.

Some specially designed undergarments added an extra layer of support underneath all that tulle. At the same time, Aquazurra heels and a heavy sprinkling of Tiffany & Co. jewelry made Suki feel like the performer she is.

At the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico, which took place a few weeks ago in November 2023, Suki Waterhouse stunned the audience by revealing the news of her pregnancy with Robert Pattinson.

Waterhouse has been romantically involved with Robert Pattinson for over five years. It was in July of 2018 that she and The Batman actor were romantically linked.


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