Circle Chart Music Awards Male Artist line-up (Image via Twitter/@pledis_17,@NCTsmtown_127,@txt_bighit)

The 2022 Circle Chart Music Awards reveals their second line-up of artists: SEVENTEEN BSS, TXT, NCT Doyoung, and more

The Circle Chart Music Awards, otherwise known as the Gaon Chart Music Awards, is one of South Korea's major annual music events that's presented by the Korean Music Content Association.

The distribution of its award title works is based on the commercial performance of the Korean songs and albums reflected on the national music chart, Circle (Gaon) Chart.


Following the announcement of its first list of attendees, the 2022 Circle Chart Music Awards have revealed the second line-up of K-artists who'll be attending and also possibly performing that night.

The attendees included in the second line-up, which is the male artists' line-up: BE'O, TOMORROW x TOGETHER, ENHYPEN, SEVENTEEN BSS, and NCT's Doyoung.

While most of the artists are set to attend as entire groups, NCT Doyoung and SEVENTEEN BSS will be attending as representatives for their groups. Doyoung will be representing NCT and collecting their awards, if any, while SEVENTEEN BSS will be performing their latest SECOND WIND track as a unit.

Circle Chart Music Awards #CCMA2022 unveils male artist line-up:

#NCT #Doyoung

To be held on 18 February at KSPO Dome #KoreanUpdates RZ

The 2022 Circle Chart Music Awards will be held at the KSPO Dome in Seoul on February 18, 2023, at 6 PM KST.


Fans get excited over the intriguing line of male artists at the 2022 Circle Chart Music Awards

Upon revealing the male artist's line-up for the 2022 Circle Chart Music Awards, fans can't seem to hold their excitement over the special events and performances that will roll out on February 18.

Especially given that most artists like SEVENTEEN BSS and TXT have their comeback releases right before the event, the special live stages they'll be preparing for the award show intrigues fans further.

enhypen, doyoung, bss AND txt will be attending circle chart music awards??? 4 in 1 fr
omg booseoksoon's gonna perform on circle chart music awards at kspo dome on feb 18! ON DOKYEOM'S BIRTHDAY YES
[PRESS] Doyoung... Male Lineup for Circle Chart Music Awards Announced

"Doyoung, who is attending (Circle Chart Music Awards) as NCT's representative, is a member who has shown diverse charms through special DJ activities, participation in OST album(s), starring

as the lead in dramas & appearing in variety shows outside of group activities. With NCT 127's comeback coming up on the 30th, what Doyoung will show at the award ceremony is highly anticipated."

However, having NCT Doyoung in the line-up also speculates on a possible performance by the artist, given that he's known for his K-drama OST releases and solo singles.

From appearing on many K-dramas to having NCT 127's repackage album comeback right around the corner, the kind of performance Doyoung will be showcasing at the Circle Chart Music Awards intrigues fans.


The Circle Chart Music Awards' first line-up of attendees, the female artists, also revealed an exciting line-up including STAYC, Kep1er, Aespa, NMIXX, YENA, and (G)I-DLE Miyeon. With almost all the well-performing fourth-generation K-pop girl groups participating, the special stages they've prepared for fans are much anticipated by the fandom.

booseoksoon confirmed for circle chart music awards lineup THE CROWD CHEERED
yena gonna attend circle chart music awards on feb 18 !! hopefully another love war stage 🥺
GIDLE #MIYEON, who has been successful as a female singer as well as in team activities, will also attend the award ceremony. As she has recently been active in various fields such as acting and entertainment, a different appearance is expected at the Circle Chart Music Awards.

However, given that the Circle/Goan Chart Music Awards has many of its nominations based on an online voting system, the K-pop fandom has been devotedly voting for their favorite K-pop groups to support and showcase their love for their artists.

The voting timeline ends on February 14, 2023, about four days prior to the event, and after calculation of the same, the winners of the nominations will be announced.

Upcoming Circle Chart (aka Gaon Chart) Music Awards #CCMA2022 unveils its female artist line-up:

#GIDLE #Miyeon

The annual awards will be held on 18 February at KSPO Dome… #KoreanUpdates RZ

Given that award shows are always a much-anticipated time of the year for fans, due to their exciting stage performances, rare interactions between K-pop idols, and their favorite artists bagging awards, the 2022 Circle Chart Music Awards keeps the fandom on their toes.

With the award show being no more than two weeks away, fans grew excited to see a unique line-up of artists roll out their performances for the night. On the other hand, fans pick up their pace by voting for their favorite Korean artists.

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