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  • The Good Bad Mother teaser starring Lee Do-hyun and Ra Mi-ran out
A still of Lee Do-hyun and Ra Mi-ran (Image via Instagram/@jtbcdrama)

The Good Bad Mother teaser starring Lee Do-hyun and Ra Mi-ran out

The teaser for The Good Bad Mother featuring Lee Do-hyun and Ra Mi-ran was recently released, giving fans a glimpse into the upcoming title. In the short clip, viewers see the mother-son duo face challenges in their pursuit of happiness in life.

In this upcoming heartwarming comedy, Ra Mi-ran takes on the role of Jin Young-soon, a 'bad mother' who must resume her motherly responsibilities when her adult son, Choi Kang-ho (played by Lee Do-hyun), unexpectedly regresses to a childlike state. Ahn Eun-jin joins the cast as Lee Mi-joo, Kang-ho's lifelong friend and sole source of support, who returns to her hometown due to financial hardships.


The Good Bad Mother starring Lee Do-hyun to see Choi Kang-ho and Young Soon try to 'rediscover happiness'

The trailer for The Good Bad Mother begins with a truck loaded with pigs arriving in a village, as the narrator says, "Once upon a time, a woman named Young Soon arrived at Jowoori village." Young Soon, who is pregnant, then emerges from the driver's seat.

After giving birth, Young Soon and her husband (portrayed by Jo Jin-woong) name their son Choi Kang-ho, hoping he will grow up to be capable, strong, and influential. However, when Young Soon is forced to raise Kang-ho alone while managing a pig farm, she resorts to being a 'bad mom' to shield her son from the difficulties she's facing.


The teaser provides a glimpse of Young Soon's tough love as she repeatedly places pressure on her son. She tells him, "If you study hard and become a prosecutor, no one can belittle you or bully you." She is also later seen asking her son, "Why would you allow someone to ruin your life?" In response to his mother's harsh words, Kang-ho tears up and says, "My life? When do I ever have my own life?"

Later scenes depict Kang-ho as a cold-hearted prosecutor, living his life according to his mother's plans. However, the teaser hints at a significant turn of events, as Kang-ho is hospitalized and Young Soon tearfully remarks, "This is a heaven-sent opportunity. We can start our lives anew."

The trailer concludes with the question, "Can Kang-ho and Young Soon rediscover happiness?"

Directed by Shim Na-yeon, who is known for her work in Beyond Evil, and written by scriptwriter Bae Se-young, who has worked on Life Is Beautiful, Extreme Job, and Intimate Strangers, The Good Bad Mother boasts an impressive cast. Alongside Ra Mi-ran and Lee Do-hyun, the drama will feature Yoo In-soo, Jung Woong-in, Choi Moo-sung, Seo Yi-sook, Jang Won-young, Kang Mal-geum, and more.


The show is scheduled to air for a total of 14 episodes and will premiere on April 26 at 10:30 pm KST on Netflix.

Lee Do-hyun was last seen in the hit Netflix series The Glory, which was released in two parts. The show centered around bullying and injustice, and Lee Do-hyun worked on the show alongside Song Hye-kyo. The show is dark and chilling but is also an adaptation of a real-life incident.


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