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  • 'The Shrink Next Door' ending explained: What will the next episode hold? (spoilers)
Rudd and Ferrel in 'The Shrink Next Door' (Image via Apple TV)

'The Shrink Next Door' ending explained: What will the next episode hold? (spoilers)

Apple TV+’s new show The Shrink Next Door has recently dropped and has left many wondering where it will go next. Will Ferrell plays a nervous Martin Markowitz opposite Paul Rudd’s grounded yet selfish therapist Dr. Isaac Herschkopf.


The series has a cast worthy of applause but lacks in some areas of the story. The question remains - what will the next episode bring after the ending?

(Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

New photo of Kathryn Hahn in 'The Shrink Next Door'
5:25 AM · Nov 11, 2021

Breaking down the ending of ‘The Shrink Next Door’


Phyllis took the family’s money

Kathryn Hahn as Phyllis (Image via Apple TV)

In a fit of rage, Martin’s sister Phyllis stole their parents’ money from their house. Phyllis has consistently talked about falling on hard times with failed businesses and an ex-husband who put her through hell in court.


Understandably, she has three children and is in financial straits. On top of all that, she has a newfound distrust for Dr. Isaac and believes that he is manipulating Martin for an ulterior motive. It puts Phyllis in a spot where she has to betray her brother to do what is best for her and her children.

Martin's parents were wealthy

Will Ferrell in 'The Shrink Next Door' (Image via Apple TV)

Speaking of money and theft, it is revealed in the final episode, thus far, that Martin’s family does have money. He grew up significantly wealthy and left enough money for the two.

With that being said, Martin has claimed that the money should not be expendable and it won’t last forever. This implies it should only be used for emergencies. The audience only knows what kind of emergencies the next episode will hold for Martin.

Isaac, the shrink, has an ulterior motive

People needed to figure out by the second episode that Dr. Isaac isn’t such a good doctor after all. It has been revealed that Isaac, the shrink, may be trying to shield his reputation from someone or something.

Paul Rudd as Dr. Isaac (Image via Apple TV)

When Isaac finds out about Martin’s wealth, Isaac seems pleased and comments that he will help Martin. Although, greed seems to be his true motivation.

The opening scene of the show’s first episode was in 2010, when Dr. Isaac was having a party and talking to Martin as if he was one of the butlers, telling him to clean up some of the party mess. At the end of the night, Martin destroys the party supplies in anger.

It is presumed that Isaac possibly stole Martin’s money, which is how he could afford the big house and enraged Martin to the point that he wants revenge. Then again, that’s only one theory.


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