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  • 'That b**** is delusional' - The Walking Dead actor Seth Gilliam's hilarious reaction to Jadis using the last name 'Stokes' (Exclusive) 
Image captured from the official The Walking Dead Season 11 trailer

'That b**** is delusional' - The Walking Dead actor Seth Gilliam's hilarious reaction to Jadis using the last name 'Stokes' (Exclusive) 

The 11th Season of The Walking Dead will return for its second block of eight episodes on February 20th. And for fans who simply cannot wait that long, AMC Plus will begin streaming the episodes a week prior.

Part Two of the Three Part Series Finale of #TheWalkingDead returns Sunday, February 20th. @AMCPlus subscribers can stream it ONE WEEK EARLY!
1:33 AM · Jan 20, 2022

To hype up the big comeback, SK Pop was honored to be invited to be a part of a roundtable with the stars of The Walking Dead. Seth Gilliam, who's become a staple of the show for his incredible portrayal of Father Gabriel Stokes, had a hilarious take on Jadis, his former flame, using his last name.

Fans who caught the second season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond may remember that she's now an officer in the CRM, and yes, she indeed does call herself Jadis Stokes.

"I don't know where she's taken my old friend (Rick Grimes), but I would say that b**** is delusional. I don't recall any ceremonies or exchanging of rings or anything like that. The last time that Gabriel and Jadis were together, she had him tied up to a...whatever those things are where you move boxes around and dropped a walker in his face," said Gilliam.

The star continued his rant and the language he used wasn't as priestly as his on-screen persona:

"Then she knocked his a** out and left him for dead. So, I don't know why she's going around calling herself Stokes. I think Father Gabriel would have something to say about that if they cross each other again," added Gilliam.

What's currently in store for Father Gabriel in the rest of The Walking Dead Season 11?

So glad I got to interview @paola__lazaro AKA Princess ahead of the #WalkingDead Season 11 Block B premiere. If there's one thing she wants, it's a scene with #RickGrimes and Princess. #TWDFamily

8:19 AM · Feb 11, 2022

Pope may be no more, but under the leadership of Leah (Lynn Collins), the Reapers still pose a formidable threat to Negan, Maggie, Elijah, and Gabriel, all of whom are still at Meridian. Gabriel has struggled with his faith for a long time, and will have an interesting encounter with Mancea, a fellow Reaper in episode 11X09. Can the resilience of our survivors overcome the viciousness of The Reapers? You will find out very soon!

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