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  • The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon star Hugo Bardin wants Coco to kill zombies with heels (Exclusive)
Stills from The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. Credit: Emmanuel Guimier/AMC

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon star Hugo Bardin wants Coco to kill zombies with heels (Exclusive)

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon chronicles the journey of the fan favorite character as he attempts to make his way back home from France. One of the places he visits during his time in Paris is a nightclub called The Demimonde, where life is celebrated even as the dead roam the streets.

One of the more colorful characters that Norman Reedus and the crew come across is Coco, played by Hugo Bardin/Paloma, winner of the first season of Drag Race France. Bardin was surprised to be cast in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, only to learn that his part was written specifically for him!


Yes, lead actor Norman Reedus is a huge fan of Drag Race France. Read on to find out more.

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As a Parisian, Hugo Bardin was thrilled to see the iconic city destroyed in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

Bardin's energy is immediately infectious and his humor is apparent from the word go. Part of his excitement at being a part of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon was seeing the destruction of Paris:

"For us Parisians, I live in Paris, it’s very fun to see Paris destroyed. I don’t know if you’ve seen this but on Tiktok and Instagram and Twitter, when the show was filmed in Paris, people were filming the zombies running in Paris."
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Bardin admits that even though France has a multitude of huge shows, nothing compares to the magnitude and size of his current project - The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

He was stunned to find out that he had been specially chosen for this role:

"I was confused at first because when I got on the show I didn’t know why I had been chosen. And the screenwriter told me oh but the part has been written for you because Norman asked the screenwriters to write a part for you. He is a fan of Drag Race. He’s a fan of Drag Race France. He has seen every episode I’ve seen. And I’m like okay. Sometimes life is so unpredictable."
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Norman Reedus even went into fanboy mode on set, as per Bardin, who recalled:

"He jumped on me, asked me for a selfie, he wanted to hug me. I was like who is this man? Oh my God, it’s Norman Reedus. It was very confusing. But he’s full of joy. And like a child on the playground, he talked with everybody on the crew. It’s just a blast to be around him."

The costume designer on The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon had a special vision for Bardin before the project commenced:

"The show is dark. Everything is dark. And when you get in the Demimonde, it’s like life restarts. And it’s an American production. So the Demimonde is Paris. But Paris in the 40s. It’s like big parties, champagne, costumes, feathers."

So, Norman Reedus is known for slaying the undead with his crossbow. What would Coco's weapon of choice be? Hardin replies instantly:

"With heels."

Catch a new episode of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon on AMC at 9 pm ET every Sunday. Find out whether he finds his way home to Carol and the rest of his friends with our continued coverage.

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