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  • 'I always felt like Eugene was a metalhead' - Josh McDermitt speaks about the Iron Maiden moment in The Walking Dead (Exclusive)
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'I always felt like Eugene was a metalhead' - Josh McDermitt speaks about the Iron Maiden moment in The Walking Dead (Exclusive)

One would assume that the zombie-butchering madness of The Walking Dead and the pounding rhythm of heavy metal would be a natural marriage. The show has indeed embraced this union, with Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Stephanie singing Iron Maiden verses to one another in Season 10.

Fellow English heavy metal band Motorhead's song, Eat the Rich, is an integral part of episode 11X10. The song is the perfect soundtrack to denote the class differences within the Commonwealth, one of the few advanced communities in the zombie apocalypse. The gripping episode is currently streaming on AMC Plus.


So when SK Pop asked Josh McDermitt how The Walking Dead has become so very heavy metal in its later seasons, he responded:

"Yeah, I always liked that the show has explored different types of music. And I always felt like Eugene was a metalhead. I listen to heavy metal to get into a headspace with Eugene sometimes. So, the fact that we're able to bring that into the show is great."

While McDermitt himself wasn't familiar with the Iron Maiden track, Where the wild wind blows, when he performed it, he has since added it to his playlist.

"There's great opportunity to put that kind of music in. And if we want to do some smooth jazz, if we want to put some Dave Koz in there, I think the show will take us to a place where we can kinda mellow out with some boxed wine and watch some people kill some walkers. There's entertainment you know."

The Walking Dead Season 11 returns for its second of three blocks today!

How will those in Alexandria fare as a barrage of walkers pour in during a raging storm? How will the group that's gone to Meridian escape The Reapers unscathed?


As for Eugene himself, he's come a long way from the fraudulent scientist that fans met him as, to one of the most significant characters in the Commonwealth arc. His love story with Stephanie should be an integral part of the current season.

Episode 11X09 of The Walking Dead premieres on February 20 on AMC Networks. Tune in and find out.

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