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BLACKPINK' Lisa (Image via X/@blackpinkbabo and @BBU_USA)

"We did everything in secret": Crazy Horse Cabaret Director shares behind-the-scenes insights and more on BLACKPINK's Lisa's upcoming appearances 

BLACKPINK's Lisa is gearing up for an exciting performance at Crazy Horse Paris. In anticipation of this event, Andrée Deissenberg, the General Manager of Cabaret Creation and Brands at Crazy Horse, recently shared exclusive behind-the-scenes details and provided insights into Lisa's participation in the upcoming shows. This insightful interview was featured in ELLE magazine on September 27.

In the interview, Andrée Deissenberg shared:

"She rehearsed, she does it really well, she’s a great professional (…) She spent time in Paris. We did everything in secret, especially when she was in concert at the Stade de France [last July]."

BLACKPINK's Lisa announced on Instagram on September 6, 2023, that she will be transforming into a Crazy Girl to deliver five performances at the renowned Crazy Horse Paris art theater in France.

Since the announcement of her performance, fans and netizens have been concerned about the venue's nature. However, there's still excitement and curiosity about whether her shows may differ significantly from the traditional cabaret performances associated with Crazy Horse.


BLACKPINK's Lisa will have three shows at Crazy Horse Paris


On September 28, 29, and 30, BLACKPINK's Lisa will perform three solo shows, promising an extraordinary and unforgettable experience.

Her cabaret performances will feature classic medleys such as But I Am A Good Girl and Crisis? What Crisis? Meanwhile, the tickets for Lisa's Crazy Horse Paris shows are currently sold out.

In the interview, Andrée Deissenberg also talked about how Lisa is also a fan of Crazy Horse.

"Lisa is a fan of Crazy Horse. She came several times, she often went backstage to see the girls after the show to meet them (…) I thought it would be a good idea. And I went for it. Sometimes the stars align," he said.

Talking about her performance preparation, he added:

"The idea was really to put her in the shoes of a Crazy dancer from A to Z, from the beginning to the end of the show. It was his wish and I found the idea very interesting because it changes us (…) We then chose several scenes, including the opening and the finale, and several solo appearances."

Ahead of her performance at Crazy Horse, Lisa provided an exclusive glimpse into her upcoming act.


Lisa also shared a countdown post on her Instagram with the caption, "Can’t wait for this to finally happen! D-1 See you soon."


From unlocking a new step with Crazy Horse to uncertainty with contract renewal

Contrary to her performance at Crazy Horse, Lisa is also under discussion with YG Entertainment regarding her contract renewal for BLACKPINK. However, there are several speculations that Lisa will not renew her contract. BLACKPINK's exclusive contract with YG Entertainment ended in August 2023.

Previously, it was reported by a foreign news agency, Star.setn, that Lisa had reportedly been offered $37.7 million by an American record label interested in signing an exclusive contract with the idol. However, YG Entertainment said in its official statement to NEWS1 that the discussions between the company and the girls regarding group activities are still going on.

"There is nothing confirmed regarding the contract renewal and future activities for BLACKPINK," YG said.

Fans are exhausted by the delay in the contract renewal announcement.

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Meanwhile, Crazy Horse is one of the most prestigious cabarets in Paris. It is known for featuring outstanding performances by nude female dancers and showcasing a diverse range of magic throughout. Artists like Beyoncé, Frederick Wiseman, Pamela Anderson, Dita Von Teese, and Aubade have graced the stage of Crazy Horse.

The upcoming solo cabaret performances by BLACKPINK's Lisa at the Crazy Horse in Paris have started a worldwide frenzy. The strict filming restriction also causes fans sadness as they can't witness the rapper's Crazy Horse performance online. However, they hope that the idol will update them with a few snapshots from her upcoming performances.

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