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  • "We could do a puppet show and it would sell": Hello Tomorrow! star Haneefah Wood on the strength of the cast (Exclusive)
Hello Tomorrow stars Haneefah Wood & Hank Azaria (Source: Apple PR)

"We could do a puppet show and it would sell": Hello Tomorrow! star Haneefah Wood on the strength of the cast (Exclusive)

Hello Tomorrow! tells the tale of a band of traveling salesmen selling lunar time shares, each with varying degrees of eccentricities. Shirley, played by Haneefah Wood, is often the voice of reason, but as she revealed in this interview, there is quite a bit underneath the surface that isn't immediately obvious.

Wood is incredibly proud of the Hello Tomorrow! cast, and during her chat with SK POP, she told us what a great leader Billy Crudup is. She also spoke about the retro-futuristic theme of the show and how it adds to the story.


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For all his genius, Hello Tomorrow! lead actor Billy Crudup is a "regular shmegular" person, says Wood!

Step into the retro-future world of #HelloTomorrow starring and executive produced by Billy Crudup.

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In a previous SK POP exclusive, showrunners Lucas Jansen and Amit Bhalla praised Billy Crudup to the moon, pun fully intended.


Hello Tomorrow! actress Haneefah Wood joined the chorus and expressed her admiration for Crudup when she said:

"He's chef’s kiss. Like he’s the absolute chef’s freaking kiss. Like every take is a 100%. You bring your A-game when you’re on the set with him and then at the same time, you can joke and play around and have a good time because he’s a regular shmegular person. His brilliance is just being who he is. And he knows how to take care of a set. He knows how to be our Number 1. And we are led very well by him."

She added the following with a laugh about Crudup:

"And he didn’t even pay us."
“My dad was a firm believer in aspiring to the best of your ability and even unimaginable realities.” - Billy Crudup reflects on how his salesman father inspired his performance as Jack Billings in #HelloTomorrow.

Episodes are streaming now on Apple TV+ apple.co/HelloTomorrow

Of course, Wood's admiration isn't just limited to the lead star. Wood has the utmost belief in the entirety of the Hello Tomorrow! cast and spoke about the strength of their acting skills:

"I think this group, this cast, this crew. We could do a puppet show and it would sell. I think we’re so committed to these roles and so committed to creating this world that the sci-fi element is a character. But I think we would soar. Thank god we have the sci-fi elements. Cuz it makes it pretty gnarly."

Her character Shirley romances Eddie, played wonderfully by comedian Hank Azaria. Wood explained why her comparatively straightlaced character was drawn to a gambler like her beau:

"You asking this question, I’m starting to realize that yes, Eddie is an addict but what if Shirley is also addicted to his love? Cuz she hasn’t had that love or that feeling in years and years and years. I think there’s some addiction to the way Eddie makes her feel. And I do believe that like attracts like."
Love these folks from Hello Tomorrow!!!

Wood pointed out that Shirley may be just as flawed as her partner, only that the flaws remain hidden throughout the first half of the series. In her own words:

"So just as twisted as he is, Shirley has her own twist. So, I don’t think we’re that far off. I think he shows his dysfunction more than Shirley shows hers. So, his is out in the open but hers is very hidden."

Hello Tomorrow! on Apple TV+ boasts a cast that comprises Billy Crudup (The Morning Show), Hank Azaria (The Simpsons), Alison Pill (Star Trek: Picard), and more, in addition to Wood.

Catch a new episode every Friday.

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