Internet left divided over Tate's first public appearance since arrest (image via YouTube/@NewYorkPost, @VICE)

"We're getting a hairline/bald spot reveal": Andrew Tate's first public appearance since arrest leaves the internet divided

On January 25, 2023, influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate made their first public appearance since their arrest on December 29, 2022.

The brothers were summoned to the Bucharest headquarters of DIICOT, an organization that tackles matters related to organized crime and terrorism, for further questioning. While being transported, they had a chance to speak to the reporters waiting outside. 36-year-old British-American Andrew Tate told a journalist:

"They know we have done nothing wrong."

As news and video clips of Tate's public appearance spread, internet users took to social media to share their thoughts. One user, @jshaver1312, stated:

@Morpheusresist Uh-oh we're getting a hairline/bald spot reveal

Netizens split over Andrew Tate's first public appearance as he is escorted in handcuffs for questioning


Andrew Tate is one topic everyone has strong opinions about and his first public appearance following his arrest was no different. As the news spread, internet users immediately continued the controversial discourse surrounding his detention.

Netizens who are against the internet personality tweeted some sarcastic and humourous responses to his appearance. Some also called out fans of the troubled 36-year-old for "participating in an orchestrated smear campaign" against Romania.

Andrew Tate was staying bald to hide that hairline clearly
@CensoredMen @trader1sz The fake british accents are brutal ngl
@Morpheusresist At first, I thought Andrew Tate grew hair. Then he comes out second. XD
@KaylaWinty @CensoredMen Andrew Tate fans participating in a shameful orchestrated smear campaign against Romania. It will only backfire.
@Morpheusresist I didn’t realize there’s so many pathetic men defending these pathetic men.

Some Twitterati took the middle ground and questioned the lax security measures on their escort to DIICOT. They were concerned that many could get close to the brothers, stating it was dangerous and suspicious.

@Morpheusresist AmZing how they let people get so close to him when he’s cuffed. Very dangerous and smells fishy.
@Morpheusresist The security there is terrible, those two dudes can just walk up to him from behind?
Why is there no proper police escort?

On the other end of the spectrum, supporters of Andrew Tate came to the brother's defense, praying for their safety. While some remarked that people should refrain from passing judgment until proven guilty. Others echoed the former kickboxer's claims of "matrix being no joke." Here are some comments seen in support of the 36-year-old:

@Morpheusresist The truth will be revealed eventually

Reasonable people will withhold judgement until they have all the information
@Morpheusresist Thoughts and prayers! The Matrix is no joke
@Morpheusresist People on here are cheering the fact that the brothers are imprisoned simply because they don’t like them. They’ll boo if they’re acquitted.

How perverse is that?

No one should champion a persecutory system against people who are yet to be found guilty.

@Morpheusresist The dude that told Andrew to be strong made me tear a bit🥲

Andrew Tate claims "there is no justice in Romania," as prosecutors dig into his mobile and laptop for evidence

The Tate brothers were arrested on December 29, 2022, and are being investigated on charges of r*pe, human trafficking, and organized crime. Romanian authorities have seized their assets as part of the investigation.


While in custody, Andrew Tate has remained in contact with fans through emails and his Twitter account regularly sends updates.

As the brothers were escorted for questioning, they had an opportunity to speak with the reporters. While walking out of the police van, Andrew can be heard saying:

"The case file is completely empty. Of course, it’s unjust, there is no justice in Romania unfortunately."

Echoing his brother's sentiments, Tristan alleges there is "no evidence" against him and claims the authorities are "planning to steal" his "car and money."

On January 21, 2023, a Romanian court extended the brothers' detention till February 27, as the prosecutors built their case. This is the second time their imprisonment has been extended.

Andrew Tate (Image via YouTube/@Life By Tate)

A spokesperson for DIICOT, Ramona Bolla, explained that prosecutors have been searching for evidence on Tate's mobile phone and laptop. The lawyer for the brothers has remarked that the extension is unjustified.

It is to be noted that Romanian authorities can extend the detention of Andrew for up to a maximum of 180 days.

The police have not filed any charges against the brothers. However, a Romanian lawyer states that if the charges are proven then they could face up to 20 years in prison.

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