Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby apologizes to Kristina Girod after slamming her peloton classes (Image via codyrigsby and thekristinagirod/Instagram)

What did Cody Rigsby say about Power and Flow? Comment about Kristina Girod explored as Peloton instructor comes under fire 

Peloton cycling instructor Cody Rigsby is receiving backlash from fellow fitness influencer Kristina Girod. The former was called out for attacking a black women-owned business. Since Power+Flow’s Girod responded to him on social media, Rigsby has apologized for his diss.

For those unversed, Kristina Girod runs the independent cycling studio Power+Flow in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is highly active on social media, frequently posting videos of her classes. The fitness instructor has amassed over 1.4 million followers on TikTok and nearly 800,000 followers on Instagram. Her classes are best known for being similar to standard Peloton cycling classes with higher speeds and intense choreography. However, they have never been called out for being unsafe.

Not long ago, a social media user tagged Cody Rigsby under one of Kristina Girod’s videos. The netizen wrote online:

“@codyrigsby we want these classes from peloton and your the person to do it!!! @onepeloton”

Responding to the same, Rigsby said:

“Absolutely not, this s**t is unsafe and a joke.”

Power+Flow’s Kristina Girod addresses Cody Rigsby’s public diss

Girod recently took to her Instagram and TikTok accounts and responded to Rigsby’s online comments. She added in the caption:

“A call out to @codyrigsby and @onepeloton to do better. And a shoutout to every one of you who have loved and supported my small business and the magic we create.”

Kristina Girod said in the video:

“It’s really disappointing to see comments like this come across my screen coming from someone who should actually know better. Cody, Peloton, I’ve been a follower for years. Really disappointed to see you talk about a locally owned, black business who’s just trying to change the game and is actually doing so.

Girod continued:

"So I’m going to encourage you to keep this energy out of my way because we don’t have the time for that. Wishing you all the best. Really hope that you can come out from this realizing this type of energy is not what we’re taking into 2023 and thereafter.”

Followers of Girod have shown immense support across social media platforms since she addressed the matter at hand. A few comments under her response video read:

Netizens show support to Power+Flow (Image via thekristinagirod/Instagram)
Netizens show support to Power+Flow (Image via thekristinagirod/Instagram)

Cody Rigsby apologizes for comment

The 35-year-old peloton instructor took to social media and uploaded a video where he apologized to Girod and her community of followers. He said in his video:

“I want to say I’m sorry to Kristina and the Power+Flow community in Scottsdale, Arizona. I know my words have impact, I know that they matter, and I will definitely do better as I move forward. I have the utmost respect for the community that you’re building, and what I said shouldn’t have been said.”

Despite Cody Rigsby apologizing for his statement, some of his followers agreed, saying that the classes were unsafe. Some responses to what he said read:

@CruelllaDee @CodyRigsby If it is what he says, and is an unsafe method of spinning, then it needs to be criticized. Stop bringing race into this for no reason.

Cody Rigsby rose to fame for his Peloton classes, motivational fitness sessions, and lifestyle tips. He initially started his career in fashion and marketing. He eventually turned to dancing professionally and worked with Nicki Minaj, Victoria’s Secret, Elle, Katy Perry, and Saturday Night Live.

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